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Crash game

Hi guys
My JWTG crash since yesterday … impossible to play more than 2 minutes.
Anybody have the same issue ?
Whats the process to correct these crashes ?

Welcome back to the Forum. This is an ongoing issue with certain players myself included that causes many crashes and glitches.

@Keith informed us this yesterday.

They’re working on fixing it.


Yes i read that. But in my case its just since 10 or 12 hours max

It wasnt something that happened all at once.
It has gradually been affecting more and more people.
Many had it start last Friday, while others it didn’t affect until Sun(myself included) or the beginning of this week.
And there are still players who haven’t been affected by it as of yet.
It is all the same bug and the developers are aware and working on it.
For now its just being patient and waiting for the fix; which we all hope is soon.