Crash on Mine boss event

In the current event and the previous one of the same mine, every time i fight The boss The game crashes and freezes with no action, it just stats there unable to perform any action. The only thing i can do to continue playing is tô give up the dungeon and lose any reward for defeating the boss… Plz help

Hey @Jonatan_Harold, thanks for reporting the issue to us, we appreciate that. Have you tried any troubleshooting steps yet? Can I also ask you to reach out to our support team at with your screenshots and all the relevant information?

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You can also close your app and it will reboot at the start of the room

Krom, i did it múltipla times and it didnt work, everytime i tried tô atack the boss, it freezes on actions…

Ami, thx for the attention. After a few restarts it appears to work fine now. I will redo it and if it happens again, i take the screens and send tô support. Thx once again!

If you mean Anvil of Dumathoin I have same problem. He stucks on his turn and doing nothing. It is very annoying to reboot game when it’s 12th room and he’s already beaten :frowning: