Crashed and losing rewards

Hi all, this is my first time posting here.
I’ve been playing this game since when it started launching, but due to some personal issues I lost my previous game progress and decided to replay the game few months ago.

Into the topic:
Yesterday I’ve completed all of the raptor riot rewards and luckily i got a blue from the raptor riot pack even though it’s just 6% chance, I was really happy.

UNFORTUNATELY, the game decided to crash after I’ve collected the rewards so I was forced out of the game, no worries. I went and do something else and when I reopen the game, I realised everything that I’ve collected previously has been reset. I’ve lost my blue and I needed to recollect the same rewards again, this time getting a pyroraptor instead.

Does anyone know what to do with this problem? I don’t like the fact that what I’ve rightfully gotten is replaced by a worse alternative ( would’ve been ok if it gave me a Spinoraptor instead )

I’d like to have something to be done about this.

This is a genuine post and have no mean to criticize nor scam the game.


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Hi, and welcome! The best option at getting it addressed is to email support at and don’t forget to provide your support key in the email.

Staff can look into your account and fix it. Just note that it usually takes 3-5 business days for them to respond initially.


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Are you guys experiencing any crashes,cuz I just downloaded the game today,and I am experiencing crashes at random.