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Crashed on android 11 phone

Using s20 phone updates to Android 11 and now constantly crashes, Uninstalled app, reinstalled still crashes, restarted phone, still crashes. Please advise. Thanks

I’m very sorry that is happening, Kool105. Our team is currently investigating this issue to find a solution.

If you have the option, we recommend downgrading to a lower operating system or switch devices while our team is finding a fix for this issue.

Thank you for your patience!

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Any updates on this? I hope this gets resolved asap. Thanks

This has been happening to me since yesterday. But today, it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even get the game to run at all. Just keeps crashing as soon as it starts and I click on anything.100% unable to play at ALL

I’m using the Samsung 10. System updated on Friday and I have not been log into the game since! Every single time it trys loading the app shuts down. Extremely frustrating. I’ve sent feedback with no response. I dont see that any resolution has been given in the forum either. Very disappointing.

yeah, sometimes it happens to me

I’m also on the Samsung S10 and have been having huge issues with crashing since the recent system update! Super frustrating. We need this fixed asap as losing out on my battles, rewards, breeding etc Please fix!

I have a samsung m21 and there is also an android 11 and the game also often crashes

Ever since the last update, which has been almost a week. The game has been almost unplayable for me. Crashing almost every time I open the game. And when it actually opens. It still crashes when I click on anything! I pretty much missed the new dragon, as well as ruins, alpha battles, and more!