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Crashes and Disconnections on Android

Since the iOS update to fix their crashes so they could play, I have noticed on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android 9 it is now getting disconnections (mainly on first start up in a while) and crashes more often than it used to. I have cleared cache, restarted phone, ect. It is still present and is getting a bit more frequent now. Just before I made this post I disconnected before getting logged in and when I went to open my mystery pack, it crashed on me then. Disconnected on me and crashed 4-5 times yesterday alone. I can play just fine for a while without any issues but it doesn’t let me play as long as it used to without any issues since the latest update.

Small Edit: I will at least say, it still does not crash as frequently as my Tablet S6 did when I was reporting that issue, but it is still frequent enough it should be at least reported.


Yeah, same happening for me. Still crashes, but less frequent.

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Im also on android Ive had no crashes since the update

What system/phone are you on then? Cuz for some reason, I have been having some crashes and half wonder if it may be from me going to fast but the disconnection thing was happening on my tablet even, so that is not on me. My net connection has been stable.

Samsung a50

Yours is just a bit newer than mine but probably roughly same core so don’t get why. How long do you play on yours daily?

About 4-5 hrs

I am on Samsung Galaxy A21S

I’m sorry to hear that, Demi. Would you be able to send your account and device information over to our team at so our team can better track things?

Thank you!

All right, this is getting ridiculous. It’s just as worse as before the game crashing update!

Try clearing your cache out. I am still having disconnect issues but clearing the cache seems to have helped with crashes over all. However, I am still getting crashes every now and then if I try to do things way to fast. That should not be a thing on this game at this stage.

? Im also on android I havent experienced any crashes

Yep, definitely going to contact. I ran fine until today and had 3 crashes within 5 minutes. This is getting to be ridiculous. I love this game but please, fix this game so it runs properly on the devices it’s supposed to.

It crashes when the servers are full

Are you talking about when it says “cannot connect to network” or are you talking the other crashes? I had one when I got the pack for the anniversary, I was about done seeing all the cards and it crashed then. When I opened it back up I got the “here’s what you missed” message, closed it and tried to with the news one and it crashed then. The last time it crashed was when I was instant hatching a Guanlong via ads/free speed up and put a Onchopristis in to hatch while I slept.

Are those all still caused by servers being full cuz if that is the case, they really need to upgrade them. :confused:

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I mean the crashes and disconnections. Not Cannot connect to network, the crashes.

It crashes every 10 or 20 minutes xd

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