Crashes on loot collection: Anyone else getting these?

So, even since update 1, I’ve been seeing semi-reproducible crashes when attempting to buy items and collect loot rewards. It seems to be mostly tied to having something you can collect/upgrade, and having the green CTA (Call to action) in the bottom menu bar.

I’ve sent in a few bug reports about this (including a new one today), and I’m surprised such a huge issue would still be present. Is it just me an my Android Tablet? Has anyone else been having these issues?

  • Device model: Samsung Galaxy Tab E
  • OS: Android 7.1.1

With the most recent update, I’m now trapped. When I tried to collect my challenge reward (x3 of the Wizard’s epic staff), my having completed a quest during the challenge (see the green “Collect” CTA on the right) caused my client to crash. After re-launching the game, I found that the only thing I could do was press “continue”, to try and resume the challenge I had left, which led to a loading screen that did not progress. Clearing Cache and A clean reinstall did nothing to resolve this issue.

Again, I have submitted a bug report about this (including my support key, etc.). It seems like a pretty common use case, so I’m really wondering if it’s something to do with my device, otherwise it most certainly would have been caught by QA and other players!

Glad to see someone still playing…

I’m stuck with the same issue. Game crashed during a challenge and now I just get the “continue” button when the game starts and a never ending load screen.

Most of my characters are level 10-12, and the game is essentially locked.

Hopefully there will be a new update soon that returns things to the way they were with 0.7.15. And they re-add the “leave” button on the continue pop-up.