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Crashing on radar screen on iPhone 6 after the very recent update

Hi ludia after today’s very recent update eg like 10 minutes ago it keeps crashing on the radar screen as if it’s struggling to load, please fix :slight_smile:

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Seems to have sorta stopped when I reinstalled the app.

My andriod has closed itself twice since this mornings update as well. Just closes and goes back to the phones home screen.

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Least I thought the crashing had stopped but it hasn’t, does it anywhere on the main menus now :frowning:

Annoying isn’t it, does it all the time for me when it struggles to load

Indeed. 3x now.

I think about deleting the game it crashes every 2 minutes! It’s not fun animore

I know :-(

Hi ludia could you please fix the constant crashing in the app, like I mentioned before the app seems abit fine at first when I first start it up for like a minute or two then it starts to get very slow and struggles to load and that’s when the crashes start, it can happen on any part of the menus and I can see when it starts to struggle as the shiny reflections on symbols,donate,Dino bars etc stutter and the radar radios circle all get very slow then it will just crash every single time back to my phones home screen, I’ve tried reinstalling the app but that hasn’t worked, it isn’t just me that’s having this issue either so please try and fix as it’s really not fun when it constantly crashes.



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This has been an issue for me since 1.5 came out, and it gets worse each update.

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It’s as if it’s a dram issue with your phone not being able to keep up with the app loading etc either that or it’s just bugs hidden in the loading times or something, either way it needs fixing.

Hey Dean_Lowe, I’m sorry to hear that the game is crashing so often on your device. Our team is aware of the issue, and they’re currently looking into it. Once we have more information from our team, we’ll try to keep everyone updated.

In the meantime, there are some troubleshooting steps from our FAQ here that’s worth a try:

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I have iPhone 6 s plus. Minimal crashing here. Crashes during battles (time out or clock runs out I restart app and am in a loosing battle) but no sluggishness or performance issues with app after update.