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Crashing since new update

Since the newest update 2 July, 2020, my game keeps crashing whenever I try to open it up.

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Hey there Seb!
What device are you playing on? Are you still unable to login?
If this persists please email our support team at with your support key so we can see what is happening and assist you accordingly. Thanks for reaching out to us!

I have a similar issue.

Since updating earlier today I could play the game but anything that used the mailbox, either going in (Eg. Fish overflow or gauntlet rewards) or clicking on the envelope to get anything out would make it crash.

Now I have a daily duties pack opening that overflows my fish stocks and crashes the game immediately on loading so I can’t play at all.

I have tried both restarting my device and uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

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I am having the same issue as well. As long as I don’t open the envelope it works fine. But the moment I do open the mail, it crashes without fail. I’m on an Android device.

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Thanks for bringing this up! The team is looking into this issue now and we will communicate when we have more information as to what may be causing it. Feel free to also write to our support team with your Support Key, this will help us investigate the issue. Thanks again for reaching out to us!

Hey there, seems like quite a few players are experiencing this. Rest assured our team is looking into it, feel free to email our support team with your Support Key at so they can investigate the issue further and help you accordingly! Thanks for reaching out to us about this issue!

Question for all: Are you on Android devices and VIP?

iPhone 8 and iPad 5 , vip yes

And we too cant touch mailbox without game crashing

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Mine’s an Android device.

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If you email support with your Support Key they will be assisting all players with this problem! Thanks so much for your patience!

Same to me. It’s stuck on a pack. Can’t play the game at all. I have contacted support. Hope they expand the seasonal items since I finally have saved enough and that is about to end.

Mine is also doing the same on my iPhone XS. It crashes when I try to get my calendar rewards, as well as when I try to open the mail, and now when I try to set Fuzzbucket on my island, making it impossible to unlock it

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