Crashing to stop me getting a legendary


Every time I’m almost getting close to unlocking a legendary it keeps crashing after I get the DNA needed for the last 10 or 20 points. First was the stegosarus for the stegodius, then t rex for the indominus and now the sinoseritops (how ever you spell) I got 140 DNA on a run wish was all I needed this weekend and it crashed again not allowing me to get the DNA. It’s becoming really annoying as I am unable to go back and try again, the game has robbed me of getting a better dinosaur. This really needs to get sorted!!!


Hey Jamie_Knox, I’m sorry to hear that, and I can understand it would be really frustrating to have that happen. Reach out to our support team at with your support key so they can take a look at your account and see if there were any problems when you were collecting DNA. To prevent this from happening again, make sure that you are on a stable internet connection while playing the game. If you’re having crashing issues, closing any background apps you have running in the background could help.


Already done and quite frankly was no help and was made out to be my faukt. so many times I’ve lost out on getting a legendary so many times due to this prob. Very annoyed as it seems the game is preventing me from getting better. Also a diff subject this is the only game that doesn’t compensate, wether it’s a screw up like mine or for matainance (scheduled or not) etc. Starting to question if I can be bothered to play a game that is all about making money and making the strong stronger with the stupid top 500 tornie players getting a reward