Crashing when exiting sanctuary

Bug Description:
When exiting a sanctuary, it will go back to the map screen instead of the list of sanctuaries and crash.

Area is was found in:
List of shared Sanctuaries under the alliance tab.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Go to the list of shared sanctuaries, enter one (doesn’t seem to matter if you interact with a dino)
Step 2 - Hit the red x and see if it takes you back to the list or the map. (I am hitting it only once, I’m not mashing it)

How often does it happen:
Around 50% 60% of the time.
This is now happening 100% of the time.

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 6 plus

Anything else?
This did not happen before the 2.15 update
Reinstalling didn’t help.
Also doesn’t seem to matter if I access the Sanctuary straight after opening the game or after some time.
Connection strength doesn’t matter either. I’ve tested this by sitting basically on top of the router and it still happens.

Sorry for the trouble, Kelenken. If you could please message our support team at, it would help them directly investigate this issue further.

Thank you!

Will do

This problem recently just happened to me also

It always happens to me after I leave a sanctuary of any level


There’s a thread for this already

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