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Crashing when putting away buildings

I was putting some buildings and decorations away that I didn’t need. Either one by one or in mass, it just crashes my game and sometimes reverts my changes. I cleared cache and was able to clear some but when I sped up, it crashed again. I can clear them slowly but if I try to go a bit faster/mass store so I can clear the area quicker, it just logs me out/crashes game.


Yup I am not sure what coding difference there is between placing and storing, but I can place decorations as fast as my fingers will let me and rarely if ever crash the game. However if I try and store decorations and go faster than 1 Mississippi between storing each object it is almost a guaranteed crash after three or four decorations, some days I can store 20 decorations before it crashes and others I will get lucky if I can get through 3-5 decorations at a time.


Talking about crashing do you know how many buildings can I safely collect coins without crashing? Is there a limit? I think I went a little wild haha (150 equal buildings and it didn’t crashed) but there is still place, what do you think???

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I don’t know on that. I have all my dinos out on one island besides one and can collect easily. I guess just try it and see?

This is my exact problem. I got all my buildings stored because of the fact I used the mass store option but it immediately crashed. I was trying to keep one section of my decorations up and was doing the rest by hand, it kept crashing on me.

Yep same for me, Nublar is dino island and Sorna building island for missions, guess I’ll try to push it to the limit hah thanks!