I’m a loyalty member and i love the game but it keeps crashing and i’m playing the battles and then i leave the app or it crashes and it resets me to the place that i started and i’m missing out on all the loyalty points after winning packs and dinosaurs and even the trading, almost every time i do a trade it crashes and brings me back to where i was. I’m getting really annoyed and i would love if you could fix it and award me loyalty points back and dinosaurs back too.


Hey Jovin_Eterno, I’m sorry to hear that the game is crashing for you, but it’s possible that a device related issue could be causing it. Try freeing up some memory by closing any background applications you’re not using while playing the game and see if that allows the game to run more smoothly. Our FAQ here could also be helpful:
If you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team at with your support key included in the email.


I have the exact same problem since yesterday. Game always reverts to a previous point in time without saving my fights trades hatches etc. Only in rare cases 1/10 i get minor progress.


same here. started with the new update.