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Crazy Achievements

I know some of the achievements are tough to get. I don’t mind that, in fact it’s fun using dinos that you wouldn’t ordinarily use etc.

But some of them I can’t see ever happening, given your opponents is never likely to use the requisite dino, in a PVP match. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could do it on Friendlies - unless anyone can tell me they count? Even then though, what’s the point in an achievement that you have to engineer.

Some examples:

Use Arambourgiana to defeat this creature 1 time: Pteranodon
I must face that creature 1 in a 1000. So I have to keep a creature on my team that I wouldn’t use, just on the off-chance I face one - and then defeat it before it runs off?!?

Use Rampage and Run ability against this creature: Stygimoloch
Again. Who uses that creature? I don’t remember EVER facing it, unless there was a period years ago when it was used at very low level. How can I ever achieve this?

Use this ability to defeat 1 Brachiosaurus: Defense Shattering Rampage
OK I might face the Brach quite often, say in the current tournament. But only a small handful of creatures have that ability - and they’re all unique or legendary, so they’ll never be in the same fight?!

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You can get some of them done in Campaign and friendly battles too. I don’t think anyone except the newbies expect to get them done in the main arena lol.


Doing either the Health or Damage Boost Strike Event (I can’t remember which one it is. :thinking:) has a Brachi in it. :grin: (that way you can pick your creatures with DSR and go sick on it…:+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Those to tasks are okay for me at least. But those posted above… :sweat_smile:

I’m not going to waste my resources i.e. FIP on useless creatures. Used them on creatures that I’m building. So, I guess will take ages before I’ll be able to complete those

The Stygimoloch one haunts me. I played 10 friendly matches - every single one resulted in either my opponent not getting Stygi selected, or my R&R dinos weren’t selected. And of course she’s not available in campaign either.

Stigy was in round 2 of the scent strike 2 days ago. I did that challenge there.

Oh, well if you can do them in strike events or friendlies they’re doable! I’m sure I heard you could only do them in PVP. I suppose friendlies are…