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Crazy battle stories

Just a place where the community can post screen shot and stories form battles that were just super insane

I just had the craziest battle ever so she,I guess she was a she but I won’t say her name brings in this indo and I’m like no biggy my tryko can easily beat it until I see its lvl 27 and not only that it’s boosted

I was screwed and super under leveled. She of course killed my tryko, yet it was low enough the my stego was able to slow it down sacrificing herself so my erlidom could rampage it and then this came in

It had put me against a freak arena dropper or a just a high player but Ik I couldn’t make any mistakes. I held my breath I survived I got the speed up I knew I killed it and then the worse happened but yet…

I lived BOI I rampaged it got it low it regened try to survive it didn’t but she wasn’t finished it seems cause she brought in the heavyweight

Yet I had the ace I needed to win…THYLA . So I striked and ran with erlidom getting a crit and swapped distracted in on his impact Ik he couldn’t finish me in one hit so I went for lethal wound she was now one shot from rending takedown and even when she swapped in it was over


I’m honestly keen to here some other people’s battles

Well, so this happened a week ago
Since the tank of my team (which was Akinfenwa) wasn’t good anymore I decided to replace him for Oogway (aka Carbonemys), it isn’t bad but not great too, but he managed to make his fist clutch
So I entered the arena to finish a daily mission and the opponent opened with a lvl 22 boosted Alita, keep in mind my Oogway was lvl 20 and (still) unboosted. So he went for the evasion and I went with a superior vulnerability, he then went for cleansing impact and I went for SV again, but the beginning of the clutch began with the next move: I went for devastation and not only it bypassed the evasive but also landed a crit, killing it instantly

He then placed a lvl 24 boosted Utahsino and I was actually scared, he went for distracting impact and I went for SV, and the clutch came in again when he went for instant change and didn’t land the stun, making the devastation so enough damage to kill it
He then places his lvl 21 boosted erlindom, at this point I was near 1000 HP, he cloaked and I went for a SV again (which bypassed the cloak) and then I used dig in to avoid getting one shot by erlindom and it worked, but his clutch came once more when I landed another critical with the devastation, and it was game over


Your turtle when it was chosen first to be led into battle


And great story keep them coming

Alright. So I haven’t taken any screenshots, so I can only tell what happened. Some time ago (maybe a month) I faced an opponent in Aviary with a high boosted Thoradolosaur. It took out my first two creatures (I can’t remember which they were), and I was on the edge of giving up. After I got him to low enough health, I revenge killed it with a Tryostronix with ferocious strike. He then put out an Indoraptor. My Tryostronix was faster than it, and my opponent thought it’d survive my Tryostronix’s 3k defense shattering rampage by just a little bit. Now it was 2/2. After Indoraptor’s death, it put out an Erlikospyx. Its rampage wasn’t enough to kill my Tryostronix, so I decided to hit it with a 1.5k armor piercing strike. I then switched to my Monostegotops, expecting a Dracoceratops. I was right on my Dracoceratops guess. I luckily landed the 66% stun and avoided a huge swap in rampage. I think I’ve then gone for distraction, to half the incoming rampage. After some battling, I eventually killed the Dracoceratops and won that way. And that was my story how I once won a match even though I was on the edge of losing the battle.


I wish i got a screenshots of this.

me and my opponent start off the battle with indom for them and erlikospyx for me. Spyx gets the indom down to 800 hp before it gets killed. I bring in erlidom to try and finish it with speed up strike. They swap in DC. I then go rampage, but they regen, so i don’t kill it. It swaps out into indo G1 into my speed up strike. I go claok while they go evasive. I get indo to half health with rampage while erlidom survives with 132 health. (indo was faster when speed up strike went away.) erlidom dies to indo. I bring in Indo g2 and use evasive stance and the bring in DC. i use CS, they regen. I use rampage, they swap to rinex. CS into rinex’s distracting impact, taking very little damage. I evasive stance their instant charge, taking a small amount of damage. Kill rinex with a rampage and they bring in indo again. I CS against a cleansing impact that leaves me with 600 health and their indo with around 800. I bet on them trying a hail marry DC so i swap to smiloceph. I was right and they brought out DC again. My stun went off and i finished the match by killing DC.


another fun battle

i had smioceph and smilonemys left and my opponent had a thor and a stygidaryx. All dinos were injured some.( thor to 900 hp and the others down to an impact/ rampage range.) both of my dinos faster than the thor, but slower than the stygidaryx. It was a lot of swapping on both sides. Them hoping to land a cleansing swoop, and myself hoping to land a stun on stygi so i can just get rid of it. i eventually got my stun on it, but it took like 6 turns before it happened. This is why i love swap abilities. Stuff like this happens and i find it fun.


Back at it agains with the super boosted commons
So I had been dropping from high aviary to mid and I was welp guess it’s time for the obligatory fight a weak opponent it seems tho ludia forgot that memo cause he brought this

Got it low and was gonna kill it annnnnnnddd…

And it was faster than anything in my deck so I put in my spxs knowing he couldn’t me probably kill my spxs so I went for distraction

know I need to keep his attack low so my trko could come in and survive it’s stun. So he stunned me barely got me to 2/3s health I killed it. He brought in a level 23 Rex sorta boosted I went for distraction and took it out and then brought back allo and so like I predicted a rat came in he hit me it distracted him and hopped and prayed that i didn’t die from his rampage and

I got the kill [also what with these people and having high boosted level 27-30 commons and rares ]


Facing those freaks is terrifying! I usually give up, knowing my demise is coming. :sweat:

Lol but brother we must fight on for the glory of all casual players

And I usually too but I have learned they usually can’t do much so I have some hope to defeat them

When I have to face creatures like this in Aviary I just give up.

I know it isn’t the highest boosted Thoradolosaur out there, but I still didn’t stand a chance. I definitely need more fast distracting creatures.


Lol welp the only thing that can out speed that is raptor and it’s not very good

The only creatures that could’ve outsped it were Tryostronix and Procerathomimus. My Spinotasuchus is a lower level than the Thoradolosaur I had to fight against, so even that thing didn’t outspeed it.

Yup Ik that feeling

Me: welp I got threes speedsters so I should be able to handle chompers right?

I’m about to reck their whole team

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It just makes no sense

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Yea why bother trying to have fun in the arena if you can just buy boosts and spend them all on one creature just to be annoying?

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I won somehow, but mainly because they tried to instant distract my Tryostronix :joy:

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I somehow won with 3-1. Thank god my Indoraptor Gen 2 got the evasion on the instant charge, otherwise I would’ve lost.