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Crazy Boosted battle Dinos: what the what ludia

So I’ve been fine with the update so far and this week got to upgrade one Dino in boots but my god is the matchmaking even more broken it didn’t matter if I had not boosts add or if I added only one or two tiers I faced teams with this like so much for basing on team power. Below share your crazy op battles.


Are you in upper or lower aviary?

Now that is an evil looking Suchotator.


I am about 2 matches from dropping out of aviary

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Throw a turtle at it. :turtle:
But no, seriously i wouldn’t like to fight that.


Lol exactly imagine the coin,dna, and boosts need to make that yet I with only two lvl 24s fight this

Coin yes, but depending on the local, suchotator dna is super common to come by.

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True but like by level 18 it’s around 2,000 need so ya have to fuse a lot and often then save up bs amounts of coin and then rinse and repeat

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True there, even if it is a wild spawn, thats a lot of dna and coin to level it up to 30.

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I have mine at 20, and it takes awhile to fuse just so I have enough stashed away for Thylacotator fuses.

Lol although that’s not the only monster I’ve fought recently


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Like this is just ridiculous on ludias part of think I have a chance against these

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Ps this my team

I fought this one today. I’m a little confused why they would boost it that much.Screenshot_20191026-111544_JW%20Alive

Lol yikes that just terrifying

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Honestly they need to nerf this thing those are like epic moves on a common like just make it slow for one turn and not bypass armor then I think it would be a bit more balanced

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I don’t doubt theres a problem with the matchmaking here, but i don’t think it’s the only problem going on right now. I think this is more like a season reset. Everything is kinda funky at the start of the new seasons because trophy counts are reset and everyone gets punished until the higher powers climb up.

True but like I think it be kinda obvious to even a computer to not allow that with level 21 Dinos

Still anyone else faced any monsters

I fought this one a few days ago.