Crazy epic day, from my sofa


So I haven’t moved from my sofa today…
And I’ve had 2 t rex and a cinoceratops.

Anyone else had days like that ?


yeah a whole bunch of people do, they are called spoofers


Okay I’ll rephrase the question…

Anyone who isn’t a cheat had days like that ?


Today I saw 4 rares in range from my house (just to be clear :sweat_smile: ) I saw an epic but was 162 meters… out of range… Oh well, a little walking after lunch can’t do anything bad :rofl:


Had 3 epic and about 6 rares… today I’m not moving hahah


Yesterday I had postimetrodon and carnotosaurus at my house, and it was fab! Especially since the weather was waaay too nasty to go out in.