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Crazy Idea: Up Magnapyritor Speed AND/OR Health


Magnapyritor is a VERY strong damage dealing dinosaur. That said, it’s VERY frail. But on top of all that, I don’t know, I feel like with the rise of Monomimus & Diloracheirus, Magnapyritor loses it’s prestige as a speed killer, especially nullifier. I guess I just don’t understand when Ludia makes adjustments where Uniques are getting outclassed by Legendaries with dinos of a similar class (Allosinosaurus over Trykosaurus, Monomimus over Magnapyritor).

Magnapyritor has been one of my long coveted for dinos ever since I picked up on this game, and it’s just so freaking hard to make. It has desirable qualities, but I dunno.

Idea: Bump Magnapyritor to 130 speed. Make it the fastest high ranking Dino. It’s already bloody difficult to obtain. It doesn’t have a slow, distraction, or increase attack effect. Why not give it that little nudge to make it match up with its difficulty level in obtaining

EDIT: Obviously this was an old post as Allosinosaurus clear has nothing on Tryko now haha

Magnapyritor: The Forgotten Unique

Rather thn increase it’s speed, I’d have swap in invincibility Lol


I don’t really know how swap in invincibility would fit with Magnapyritor’s kit/style. Swap in ferocity maybe?


Or maybe increase its health to a good amount, because Dimetrodon and Irritator have actually so much health, so why not Magnapyritor.


I only increased his life, cause a indoraptor can oneshot him unless you have a lvl29 magnapyritor lol, same problem whit elridominus, his kit is outdated and his life is way too low


Agreed. A speed buff would be much needed if it is to compete in the 129 meta. Also, it would be amazing if it got the distracting rampage from its parent pyrritator. That would give some survivability since it’s frail as it is.

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100% This This this


Make it a bleeder PLEASE!!! or increase the hp. i think the speed is fine being that its immune and can nullify and ds.


With its speed as is, it won’t last for a 2nd hit against a good many dinos … not just monomius and green chicken, but also anything with instant charge

I do like the idea of it having diatracting rampage from the get go tho.


the green chicken lol, still wins with ss though. so distract might not help in that situation. but it would be a great help.

actually no it wouldnt win because immunity

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i wish we could customize our own magnas. id probably give mine more hp and armor.


Id give mine a SandDunes racing stripe :grin:


LOL I died at green chicken XD

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Well, it’s not supposed to win against everything, or the green chicken(I can’t stop now) for that matter. Still, distracting rampage over API and a 129 speed would be a great improvement, perhaps even enough to make it a tyrant. And since it is so hard to make, that would be fair in my opinion.


im all for improving magna in any way shape or form. if its dis and 129 speed, that would be huge. there are many ways to improve it.


Yasss this magnificent beast deserves some love lol


imagine if it had lethal wound instead of aps


Wow! That would be broken!


I dunno if I agree with making it a bleeder since there’s nothing in its pedigree that has it… but speed and distraction are great ways to go IMO :grin:

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only reason i say that is because there has been bleeding in its line before. they just changed it in the this update. i kind of think they wanted to buff magna with it but decided not to so took bleed away from pyro and scratched the idea.