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Crazy Magna crits

Hey guys, just had three battles with Magna involved. Battle one: opponent‘s Magna gets to hit three times and crit every time. Battle two: opponent‘s Magna crits all four times (could use four attacks before death). Battle three: My Magna critted all two times I got to use it.

Someone else? Or just really weird RNG? :sweat_smile:

Mine is totally the opposite. She never ever crits. There’s times I’ve been so frustrated that I’ve benched her.


Mine rarely Crits either. Compared to other 20% Crits my magna seems more like a 10

Mine rarely crits either, yet my opponents always does

My Magna crits around 20% of the time.

Mine is the opposite and it almost never crits. :frowning: But I noticed that Tenontorex crits like crazy. Something isn’t right with those dinos.

At the other end, my indo has not evaded successfully in 1.9, mostly taken out by opp after receiving 1 or 2 attacks in evasive mode. But recently fought 1 opp lvl29 indo which evaded 3 times in a row on me. Oh well :man_shrugging: