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Crazy reward error?

Anyone have a crazy glitch reward on stakeholders event? Not sure I want to post all details lol

I got a card pack with 4x 1000 dna rewards and then maybe 130 or 260 loyalty points.

Guess I got a weird glitch then, but crazy good reward!

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Surprised no one else got this so I’ll go ahead and post what I got.


Time to start stocking up on hybrids. That’s a good glitch have befallen you.

What is that that’s under your I Sonora hyper link (in the green)?

Oh yes! I actually think I’ll be able to justify leveling up enough Dino’s to get Indoraptors and not ruin my balance. Just recently got segnosuchus and close to getting yudon. A megalosaurus unlock would be nice. I also trade metraphodon for 1500-2500 loyalty points on the one trade I have per day. May do that for awhile at least to get more VIPs. It’s the earn free bucks link.

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Ahhh so that’s where the fidelity subscription gets activated.

Is that something for vip? This is what it is when I click on it.

No I thought it was where you go to collect your daily bucks from the fidelity subscription. I have never seen that on that building, but I do not have a fidelity subscription.

No it is not.
You get the subscription where you normally buy bucks for cash.
The icon over this building is for free bucks if you fulfill certain tasks in other apps or games…something I never do.
I do not have this icon either but I’ve seen it in other instances (non VIP?) of the game.

Awesome gift I’m jealous with that much dna you can become one of the strongest players

It is odd that it is there, the free bucks link for me is within the resource section within the DB section. Seems odd that some folks have a building that has the link to it out in the open like that. I wonder what causes it to be out there like that.

I’m not looking for that kind of glitch.
I do not know if I would lose my motivation for this game if I suddenly got this ‘endless’ resource.

I’m more motivated because I felt I would never get to use indoraptors without messing up my ferocity balance.

The way I look at it is my time and dinobucks are limiting factor so yudon, metra, gorgo and segno should be my only dna Dino’s to focus on and get all the super hybrids that i can.