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Crazy Spawns 1.6


Has anyone else been seeing an insane amount of Epics since the update? I’m wondering if they increased the Epic spawn % or if it’s just luck. Not really used to having luck with spawns, so I’m doubtful.
I haven’t changed my “hunting” routine at all. I use quotations because it’s not so much hunting, just driving to/from work.
This is what I saw in that 20 minute drive home tonight:


They have definitely upped ALL spawn rates.
I’m not complaining.


I’m actually excited for my first real hunt of 1.6 on Monday.

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I just saw 1 sino and 1 spino g2 since update


Mine will be Saturday night.
I’ve got a rare and epic scent waiting to be used.

Saw this fella on a small scent yesterday

Got 3 rare Trex and meg too.



Yeah bro spawns are wild! Went on a road trip yesterday and saw 42 epics :sweat_smile:


hard to believe. i travel alot and that is never possible for me.


Collage picture time :smile: screenshotted majority, but you guys have to promise not to hate me lol…


Send some my way. Spawns are awful by me. Congrats on the haul though.


I used to have great spawns all the time, until they killed them, whichever update that was. That update hit me hard, and I saw so few that I just stopped trying. Since 1.6 they’re almost back to the way they used to be.
I hope it gets better for you :shamrock:

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Omg that’s madness :joy:


I don’t see any more than usual, unfortunately. :pensive: pass me some sinoceratops over here! :joy:


Lucky ! I’m super jealous ! I barely see any epics by me!

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Your luck with spawns makes me a little jelly. Lol
You’re out and about more than I am though. I’m stuck at work four days a week for 11 hours.


The only real increase ive seen is i got a trex out of a large scent… id give it a cpl weeks and see if its still as good before declaring the epic spawns in general… they always seem to be good the first week of the patch.

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More pictures from L5 I guess. “Wish you were here!” L5 edition, because I haven’t seen an increase in anything…


I have seen so far seen only 5 epics since update. And I have been going to work and back in car which I am not driving. Distance is 100 KMS work and back home. So I don’t see any. Infact it was more before when I used to take this route

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Neither Caleb or Ardens live in “L5”. Do not assume so because they have better spawn rates than you.


I traveled around half of DC today for 3 hours and didnt see a single epic during that trip. Two epics total for the day.

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That epic Suchomimus though :heart_eyes::rofl::joy: