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Crazy Spawns 1.6

Seen 5 spino G2 so far this week :sleeping:

@Ardens for reals it was quite a crazy day. I told hersh yesterday that Ive never been so burnt from darting epics :sweat_smile: I agree with the spawns, back then it was quite abundant… then I think 1.4 hit and bam I would get maybe one or two a day. 1.5 was a slight increase I think but Im not too certain… during the last week of 1.5 Ive been driving all over the place, mad grinding. Had I biked, I would be lucky to see one :rofl:

@Krissi_Liz Id be more than happy to share the wealth!

@Asta I don’t get to hunt much during the day, but days that I get too I sure make the best of it :sweat_smile: I have trained myself to surive on >6hrs of sleep on those night hunts for sinos. Wish I could send some your way!

@Raven right??? I was shocked, and had to double check what was going on. Then I zoomed up, that poor koola :joy:

@Scubasteve for sure bro!! I wish spawns were all equal, I feel bad sometimes… :confused: Hopefully you get some nice usefuls soon!

@Rathelon I don’t live in L5, but I can show you how lucky I am to be living in this location… I reckon you could call this L5 if you wanted? :joy: :man_shrugging:t3:

@alex yeah they are flooding the place! Im glad we can at least see trex every once in awhile, I sure miss the brachi over this one :joy:


It would be awesome if you could. I just started fusing Thor Tuesday. I’m sitting on 55k Allo, 20k Tarbo, and… 8 Sino. :joy:

Much wow.

My little alliance is working our butts off to get as high as possible for the sino dna. With only 5 active members and me not able to dart a lot 4 days a week. Its challenging. We’ve gotten to tier three though! Hoping to get to tier 4 by the end of the week.


Perhaps I have noticed a small increase but, of course, nothing like what you show. Actively play about three hours a day (ride or public transport) and only see one or two epic on average. Now the average is close to three but very far from seeing 4 epics in 20 minutes.

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since the release of 1.6 i have not encounterd a single epic:tired_face:. i activly play around an hour a day. yesterday a grinded about 3 hours an stil 0 encounters :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

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@Calebrys You live at the borders of the four zones???Lucky you…

Protecting its baby nunda


There are overall slightly more spawns, since they changed them from spawning once every 90 minutes to every 80 minutes…so over the course of the day, that’s like a 10% increase.

I doubt they changed the epic spawn rate though, if you’re getting more than 10% more than before, I think you’re lucky…if anything, I’ve probably seen less.

I think that is too soon to tell. I saw 5 epics yesterday, which is around my record. However, I didn’t see any the previous days after 1.6. Having a lucky streak of 3-4 epics and then go into nothing for 2-3 weeks is a common scenario for me. Time will tell.

Nope, just confirmed, spawn rates are the same as 1.5


Number of drops was increased. Spawn rate is the same, just 33% more opportunities for spawns


I was thinking the same …since there are a few more boxes, there are a few more spawn places too

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Right above that L4 put Park as well. Also, be kind enough to tell us where this wonderful spot is in, the real world.

Oh dear, I can feel the jealousy from here :grimacing:

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Can confirm @Calebrys grinds very hard. Please keep accusations to yourself.


That’s awesome! Super jelly!


yeah i live on the border of L3, L2 and L1. it’s really nice.
that vast wasteland called L4 is nowhere near me, but can’t imagine anyone wanting to go there :skull:


I suggest you go out and play more. Epics are out there.


Thanks for the confirmation.
You as well, @MNBrian
No better sources for the vital info :ok_hand:t2:

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Wow - you really lucked out on location! All that’s missing is a park at the centre …

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