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Crazy swapping guy


If you encounter a player swaping dinos without fighting, Hi! It´s me! I reached the boring top área and I just want to downgrade to the first área to test other low level dinos like Diplocaulus, Ophiacodon, Purussaurus, Sarcosuchus… and play with them just for fun! see you and happy easy winning! :slight_smile:


It’s not just you :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, downgrade and such but don’t do it that way. It gets very frustrating and it’s not your opponent’s fault that you want to go down. Go down fighting: pick low level and bad dinosaurs for your team and at least make it feel like you are trying to win. Simply swapping gets terribly annoying, people have done it to me and fffs.


Hum…wait a minute.
Diplocaulus is an amphibian, Ophiacodon is Pelycosauria ( ancestor of mammals), Purussaurus & Sarcosuchus are crocodlies.

None of them is dino…


Yeah! Never underestimate the power of a Tarbosaurus!


Checking that! Thanks! I just want to get back to the initial Area. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: game gets boring for a non payer like me. Made it to 3000 and ufff… Hard as concrete…