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Create a Dinosaur with lure!

Make a dinosaur and give it a backstory it could be a hybrid or a fake Dino that you made (this is a contest so the most liked will be the winner)
I would love to see what you guys come up with. 🦤💨
This contest will close on January 24th 2022

To say that Dr. Wu felt unsatisfied with the results of the Scorpios Rex and Indo projects is like saying mountains are tall and oceans are deep. Yet as more and more people, from theme park entrepreneurs to billionaires the world over (the kind of clientele he learned to get used to attracting), demanding his services and creations, he began to ponder his dissatisfaction and the reasons for it, and noted the shortsightedness of his financiers angered him to no end. He desired, above all else, to wield the power of genetic evolution that nature and all of creation had wielded since time immemorial, but a lesser man than he would call the Scorpios Rex, Indominus Rex, and Indoraptor as perfect creations in spite of their capacity for cruelty, viciousness, and insanity, the likes of which Wu himself thought deeply unsettling. But the forces of evolution ever drive forward, rooting out the species that nature would one day deem unfit for survival. Nature was a perfectionist, and Wu wouldn’t allow himself to be any less of one himself; the Indominus, Scorpios Rex, and Indoraptors all proved themselves inferior in every way to the dinosaurs that Nature had designed millions of years before, but they were nonetheless valuable learning experiences.

And thus Wu began the Dracodentitan project.

In a new facility deep in the Siberian tundra, Wu had meticulously crafted his new creations, even creating a new large armored sauropod in the process he named Nodopatosaurus, which themselves became an experiment in adaptive thermal body regulation when he had a small herd of them move into an outdoor, fenced off area. The first generations froze to death, while a handful of individuals in later generations that had been given with the genes responsible for fur in mammals and feathers in birds managed to survive the harsh Siberian winter. Wu and his researchers took harvested some samples from the herd to keep a record of their genetics before he then had the herd shipped off to facilities throughout South America to test their endurance in hotter tropical rainforests, and many more of the giant hybrids succumbed to heat stroke and exhaustion. Of those that survived, they were found to have fully shed their coats, and Wu had them returned to his Siberia facility once more.

As the cold temperatures began to drop with the approach of another Siberian winter, an unexpected surprise began to unfold. In response to this drop in temperature, the herd of Nodopatosaurus began to regrow their unique coats. Wu and his subordinate researchers took dozens of samples from the herd and examined their genetic codes, and found the genes of the animals to be so different from the samples they had taken before, that they may as well have become entirely different individuals from what they were a year before.

The prospect of this occurrence excited Wu, has he had expected to refine the process over many more months of experiments, but that his own creations did it themselves was, in Wu’s eyes, nothing short of an extraordinary accomplishment worthy of a man of his talents, and it was time to take it a step further.

The herd had also yielded a few more surprises. Wu had fully expected the herd of Nodopatosaurus to starve due to the differences in calorie and energy intake from the different plant matter they were consuming, but their physiology had become so adaptive, that in addition to being able to shed and regrow their fur and feather-like coats, the Nodopatosaurus were able to digest different species of flora with no ill effect, and some individuals were even observed catching and consuming fish; the giants were seen wading out into deeper rivers and lakes where they slapped the water with their tails with enough force and speed to stun the different species of fish they caught.

Wu then knew the perfect species to select and use to breed his new set of hybrids with, and ordered the capture of a trio of Baryonyxs that were spotted in Yosemite National Park in the state of California, USA. Harvesting their genetic material as soon as they were shipped back to the Siberia facility, Wu had them mixed with some new genetic material from the current generation of Nodopatosaurus, with the addition of the remaining Indominus genes he had, and had some of the females fertilized with the new mixture. A few months later saw the females laying a batch of eggs, and some months after that, was born an entirely new species.

These new creatures were certainly more like their theropod genetic donors in body shape and dentition, but even as hatchlings Wu noticed a thick layer of osteoderms, the same that the Nodopatosaurs had in fact. They had slowly begun to show more and more signs of greater intelligence as the hatchlings grew, and Wu, fearing a repeat of the failures of the Indoraptor and Indominus, reassigned some of his researchers to act as their caretakers and handlers, having them study the work done by other animal behaviorists, zoo staff, and even Owen Grady, who worked with the Velociraptors of Jurassic World.

His efforts produced the new dinosaur hybrid Dracodentitan, named for it’s vaguely dragon-like appearance and size. But though the individuals proved to be far more well-adjusted than the Indos and Scorpios, their intelligence grew even moreso, leading a mass breakout. To Wu’s surprise, none of his staff were injured or killed in the attempt, and as he reviewed footage of the months leading up to the breakout, he began to notice some subtle, yet alarming, changes to the Dracodentitans’ behavior.

More and more had the Dracodentitans began to develop unique vocalizations, something that went unnoticed because they seemed to be only vocalized when the group knew that they were alone or none of the researchers or security staff could hear. And over time, the group seemed to differ to a particularly large individual Dracodentitan named simply “Titan”, but not seemingly because Titan won leadership through fights or intimidation; it rather appeared that Titan was “chosen” to lead. And just as the group avoided vocalizing when Wu’s staff was within earshot, so did they keep away from the electric fences when patrols were out, and anytime they could, each Dracodentitan would gently brush themselves against the fences for brief periods at a time.

Wu privately thought to himself, as he walked out of the facility and towards the torn metal pieces that made up the parts of the fences Titan and his group ripped apart to free themselves and the Nodopatosaurus herd, that he did not know what terrified and thrilled him more. That he had created a new species of creatures so intelligent, they were almost completely sentient, and capable of communicating, strategizing, and empathizing on a degree that rivaled humans on some level, or he had set in motion the creation of a species that could one day dominate the world, and leave humanity’s extinction in its wake.


That took waay took long to write :rofl:

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Indotaunops: Biology and backstory

Indotaunops is one of many creatures housed in Oasis HP. This is one of the largest facilities contributing to the creation of extinct animals, as well as hybrids of said extinct animals. This facility is located in the woods of Canada, far from public civilization, and currently holds over 500 different genus of artificially created creatures.

The head scientists at Oasis HP were interested in Jurassic World’s Indotaurus. They attempted to expand upon the strength of this already powerful hybrid, and they succeeded. Indotaunops is a hybrid of Indotaurus and Gorgonops. This hybrid looks how you would expect, an Indotaurus in a gorgonopsid body. Because of this, Indotaunops has greatly increased muscle strength, as well as different behaviors.

This hybrid is very large for a gorgonopsid, being 7 meters in legnth, and weighing over 1200 kilograms. This hybrid has an immensely powerful skeletal and muscular system, and is unnaturally strong for its size. With a 70000 Newton bite force, Indotaunops is capable of biting through anything it could consider food. One swipe from Indotaunops’s arms is strong enough to decapitate large prey.

While Indotaunops can run at impressive speeds, it prefers not to, and only does so when hunting down prey. Its main method of survival is to scavenge, stealing food from other predators and eating the remains of the carcass, bones and all.

Being such a powerful hybrid, Indotaunops was tested in battle to see its true limits. Indotaunops was placed into the enclosure of Vivacruluna.

30 minutes later, results were made. Indotaunops had several wounds of the face and tail, with minor wounds to the front legs. Indotaunops seemed to ignore these wounds, and whether it was in pain or not is unknown. Vivacruluna seemed to have healed from its wounds. However, Vivacruluna’s neck dislocated due to a powerful blow from Indotaunops. The neck was fixed manually by scientists after testing was complete. The two creatures stopped fighting after the encounter, and stayed on opposite sides of the enclosure.

Here’s Vivacruluna for context


you didn’t make this hybrid.
stats and backstory? sure.
but you took it from a JWE mod.
make your own, be creative



Rules never stated it has to been my own original creation, and I’m 100% certain I could come up with something way more creative than you ever could :rofl:


Not to brag or anything, but I did win a hybrid creation contest on here, so, if you really are that creative, make your own hybrid.

Ok let’s not start an argument here so why don’t you try to make one and we will see who wins and if you want to vote just like the post and that will count as the vote
PS entries close on the 24th


Sorry, I just don’t really like it when people, I guess, take things? I don’t know

Toxisaurdeus: History and Makeup

Toxisaurdeus is one of many Hybrid experimental creatures at MantaGen labs( MantaCorp and InGen). It’s an extremely dangerous creatures they have. It is located in the land of Greenland, far from animals and humans. This is their most popular lab, where over 200 genetically creations are held.

The scientist of MantaGen were surprised at Dr. Wu’s Scorpios Rex, especially the Gen 3 version. It was a killing machine. However, they wanted to make the perfect weapon, much better than what the Indoraptor was supposed to be. And for that, they decided to use DNA from the hybrid Erlikogamma for this, and they created the perfect weapon.

With sharp claws, Toxisaurdeus has incredible slashing power, able to slice even cars into parts. And with that raptor DNA, it’s jumping power exceeded, jumping to over 15 feet in the air, its legs are extremely powerful, which also makes it very fast and hard to outrun. Also from the Erlikogamma DNA, it made its intelligence extremely high, being able to know what to do to attack prey. It’s main weapon though is its venom. The quills it has contain high amounts of toxic venom, killing most normal things in seconds, and the quills can even pierce metal. However it’s teeth help this because it’s bite force exceeds that of a Trex, with a bite force of 50,000 Newtons, but it usually resorts to that as a last option. They scientists also gave it cuttlefish DNA, like the Indominus, so it’s able to camouflage.

However, what makes this thing so dangerous is the fact that it can reproduce asexually thanks to the tree frog DNA, similar to the Scorpios Rex. This first Apex hybrid usually eats other creatures, including large sauropods and even itself if it has to, but thanks to the Erlikogamma DNA, it will eat plants if there’s no other food around. It will hunt for prey and scavenge deceased corpse for leftovers from other dinosaurs or creatures.

MantaGen were confident that this was their best yet and were about to test it when their containment breach alarm went off. Toxisaurdeus had escaped! It killed almost everyone their except for Dr. Wu and MantaGen’s leader whose name is not identified at this time. They knew what that monster would do if it reach the mainland, and so they came up with a plan. They called the DPG and informed them about the situation. All of them then gathers various non Apex hybrids to help fight it. When they got there, they saw that it had already wrecked havoc on Canada and reproduce. The creature then proceed to fight for our wor- gets knocked out

“This footage will be perfect for BioMetric Co.” An unknown lady in a lab coat says.



I have that feeling a lot but I just think that they are taking inspiration to try to find something better.

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