Create a new unique!

Great job everyone

How do I do that

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What why not

Oh we use jwa toolbox

I love spinokylo

I love droconyx

Well go to Google and type JWA toolbox.

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Um… Nevermind.

I did that

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I told you guys the rules have changed scroll up and see for yourself

Cool. Now I guess you know what to do.

Think we have enough Arctop hybrids

Best Alloraptor hybrid yet


Poll time![poll type=regular results=always chartType=pie groups=trust_level_4,trust_level_0,trust_level_3,trust_level_1,trust_level_2 close=2021-11-29T16:00:00.000Z]

  • Alankylovenator
  • Indoraptor lux
  • Tyyrannolophoraptor
  • Porctops
  • Alloboa
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Chose a creature
  • Anakylovenator
  • Indoraptor Lux
  • Tyyrannolophoraptor
  • Porctops
  • Alloboa

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Shouldn’t every single unique be put in a vote? Determining what should be in the vote by opinion really isn’t fair.


why is no one voting

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I voted I’m not sure about any one else

I told you I picked the best in my opinion

Yeah, that wouldn’t make it fair since it’s opinion-based. Making a vote based on your opinion doesn’t show the “best”, or most liked unique, just the one you like the most.