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Some new uniques


You should rename Radon(you don’t want it to get confused with the element or Rodan’s Japanese name)otherwise these concepts are great!

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I hope mine is ok

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I’ll do the actual and real project version



XD yess it was intended to be a refrence to Rodan’s Japanese name ( it can also means “Ra’s tooth” in Greek so I think it’s pretty cool ) but never expected the chemical name lol.

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Ahem this is my competition not yours

You never even said this was a competition topic until 6 days ago. I know it’s yours, and do what you want with it, but it still isn’t fair for the majority that posted their creatures here.

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The abilities are actually quite good but the stats, I’m talking about the attacks and crit chance, is too high. Maybe crit chance can be dismissed but atk is heck no

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Also there’s no ( at least yet seen in the game )
Hybrid + hybrid, only hybrid + non-hybrid

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I really like the idea, the stats are just a little wonky. maybe give it 4350 health and 1350 attack or higher. Crit chance maybe to 25 or 30% so its not too crazy.

Fine whatever you want!

And a very poor argument. Wasting my time. Peace.

Create A Unique Format. ...
Aim For A Specific Audience. ...
Combine Two Unrelated Influences. ...
Amplify A Weakness As A Strength.

Another op unique I made because I don’t know stick about balancing

Chirostenotes for context


What do you mean “wasting my time”? I said that 7 days ago and you already replied to it, lol. And what do you mean by “a very poor argument”? Not only is it actually true, but it’s better of an argument than “this is my competition not yours”. I’m just telling you that the competition isn’t fair to everyone that made a creature for it. Making a vote just to find your favorite unique spoils the fun in the whole thing.


Okay everyone, keep it on topic and about creating unique creatures.


Yeah correct