Create a "Quit the battle" button

Probably already suggested, but would be interesting to have a “Quit the battle” button in arena, or at least in tournament.

When facing teams made up like this aberration here, having dinos 5-6 levels under, there is really no point in playing, because that’s simply not playing.


Can be called in many ways, but not playing.

So, take your “victory” (ahah), have fun, as you surely have fun “playing” that way, but I prefer spending those 5 minutes of battle doing whatever else in the world than “playing” with you.

(And be laughed at, just to add fun).



that is one scary rhino.

Big F time

Many, many times in the past couple years and usually for precisely this reason.

Maybe one day they’ll agree to implement it, though!


They’ll never, unfortunately.
If we had the option to bail on mismatches, a lot of the player base would cry about never getting to fight.
Some players spend big just to bully other players, and money > ethics for this gaming company.

I fear you are right, but it’s the paradox behind all games in which wins who has the most money and time: there is a point where you get tired of winning.

Nobody, not even a true sadistic, can go on forever in bullying lesser opponents: we are competitive creatures, we are made fo that. Killing the competition kills emotions, and emotions are what we feed on.

The paradox is that the stronger a player becomes, the less competition he/she gets. Complaininig about never getting a fight it’s a bit like being upset that to eat roastbeef a cow must be butchered.

My 2 cents

You definitely didn’t go to the same schools I did.


To be fair, this person had as little say in who he/she is matched up against as you. Can’t really blame the opponent for being matched with you, its not his/her fault it’s a systems issue


Well, here I must say fortunately, then.

But I bet that bullying someone you don’t know and even you can’t properly talk to, musn’t be so satisfying.
I may be wrong, who knows.

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I can agree, but then he/she should start not to laugh at a lesser opponent, first.
Then we can perhaps discuss the rest.

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This much is true, and a good thing to keep in mind.

There’s only so much blame someone can take if it’s the matchmaker causing the issue. A dropper loading up on their heavy hitters is one thing, but someone legitimately looking for an even fight and getting paired up with a guppy by comparison is not at fault for the pairing.

I’m also of the opinion that users of Swap-In-Attacks are only marginally at fault for their explicit usage of them. They’re in the game, and others use them too; in a way, acceding to their usage is a form of adaptation and even self-defense. It just kind of sucks to be on the receiving end.

The thing is, all of these can further be evidence of a need for a “Forfeit” button. Why force players into enduring fights that can still take a good several minutes even when trying to lose under these circumstances?

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