Create arrow discrepancy


I’ve noticed a discrepancy with the create arrow (pink) indicator between the dinosaur collection screen and the dinosaur detail screen for hybrid dinosaurs. If you have exactly 50/50 (or however many dna points you need) dna of one of the dinosaurs needed to create the hybrid, the arrow will show on the dinosaur detail screen, but not on the dinosaur collection screen. Because of this, you cannot tell that you can create the hybrid from the collection screen and possibly miss out on creating a hybrid. Unfortunately, I do not have any dinos with this specific scenario to provide screen shots.


I have all the arrows to work perfectly, so I am not able to help. But I suggest you to email Ludia with screenshots as soon as you note that, as well with your support key, so they can investigate on this.


I have screenshots showing the error. It actually seems to be the arrows on both the creatures screen and the creature screen. You can see the Einiasuchus (upper right) does not have the pink arrow indicating that I can create it (like the Postimetrodon does). When you click into the Einiasuchus, there is also no pink arrow, however the green Create button is lit up because I have enough DNA of both creatures to create the hybrid. I have exactly 50/50 of the Einiasaurus. If I had more than 50, the arrows would show up as expected.
My support key is NFRXLEYR


Ok then all you have to do is to email Ludia with all you put here, so they can look at it, :+1:


What is the email address?