Create our own dinosaur

I’ve noticed that many players in the forum have different favorite dinosaurs and that they would also like that dinosaur could be on their team until the big leagues.

So, why not have the option of being able to obtain a single dinosaur that we can customize to our liking between appearance and abilities?

how to change the color of the skin of the indoraptor to white, the velociraptor to the versions of JP 2 or JP 3, or even add scars to the Tyrannosaurus so that it resembles Rexy

We could also improve them to gain damage, life, strength and change some skills to improve their performance in combat, this would be unlocked by the level or the user’s achievements.

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Stats at 26
6100 health
1500 damage
140 speed
100% critical chance


Superiority strike
Long invincibility
Defense shattering rampage.


Maximal counter attack
Swap in ferocity
Swap in invincibility
Swap in strike
Swap in stun
Swap in wound(bleeding)
Swap in distraction


I think that’s a really good idea and I would love to put a hat and a golden chain on my Tarbosaurus or a top hat on my Parasaurolophus.


This made me ill

the best horror story I’ve heard XD

I do not mean that they become so powerful, but that they can maintain their usefulness as we advance in the game, after all the only useful dinosaur in the game until the 500 best, is tanycolagreus