Create our sents

Can we make our own sents and put any creature that you have discovered and put how much time you want.

Nooo because if u have discovered apex because of the apex test but u r low level u can set it for 5days and get sooo much apex DNA

I think thered havr to be a limit like as much common limited rare epic then maybe 1 legendary or uniqe but and be very expensive


you have to have the dino unlocked.

I think there should be limits as to what you can put in the scent. For example, you can create a scent that can have a chance to spawn 8 common, 5 rare, and 3 epic creatures of your choice. You can create a scent once per day and only have up to 3 custom scents in your inventory at a time. It costs coin to double a raritiy’s spawn chance, increase a scent’s duration, double the amount of creatures spawned (like Giga Scents), or grant a guaranteed rare at the start of the activation. With these restrictions applied, scents will still have their RNG factor so they won’t exactly give free DNA of your choice, while still benefiting the player and allowing them to hunt for exclusive DNA they can’t normally obtain for weeks to months without FIPs.

that’s never happening, nor should it

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and lengendary

they will never allow players to create their own scent capsules