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Create the best apex

This is madness, If this were an actual creature in-game it would have no counters.

May I introduce to you, a stygimoloch…

Spicamoloch (Apex) (Fun fact, it has a little spike in the Center of its dome, and it can retract) and it is resilient.

4950 Health
1500 Attack
126 Speed
0% Armour
5% Crit Chance

Decelerating Shielded Strike
Greater Instant Charge (same as instant charge, but now deals 1.5x Damage)
Resilient Impact
Revenge Rampage and Run (No delay if it is revenge)

Swap In Definite Strike


100% Distraction
100% Swap Prevention
100% Stun
100% Speed Decrease
50% Damage Over Time
50% Rending


Thylo then Rixis works

I made new art for Dracotantibus, sort of toning down her spindliness and giving her more feathers as well


I modified my apex to have a 4th move.

Testudos Max

Partnered with a lvl 29 Maiasaura and Rajasaurus, this creature requires heavier coordination than usual! She may look squishy compared to Mortem rex and Hadros Lux, but she has a hidden arsenal that will leave even the mightiest crunchers fazed!!

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Hey I’ve seen you before, Dracotantibus.

In any case, here’s mine, based off the Arkosaurus from that one really forgettable dinosaur game from Ubisoft.

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Partnered with a Lvl 29 Alanqa and Darwinopterus, her lack of damage output is outweighed by her use of constant nullification and distraction with those blinding wings of which she heightens the sun with.


yea cool apex…now imagine a raid lobby full with lvl 30 baryonx or tryostornix with boosts

I agree. This one has an exteme gap when it comes to crunchers. Vulnerability is not an issue to opponents even with that GIGANTIC damage output. A Tuoramoloch or Tenontorex or even a sauropod hybrid like Geminititan and Ardentismaxima, alongside its obvious weakness to shield and armor breakers like Tryostronix, Thoradolosaur, or any creature with a Fierce move. Although I do think that damage output should be capped down and Devastation be replaced with something else that deals a high multiplier, but not to the point of Devastation. I dunno if Mortem and Hadros have that much of an obvious weakness, but that niche should be covered. I do love the idea of a turtle boss though!

does anyone have any critiques for my Apex’s?

well yea it has to beatable
and this is amount of HP on first round
increases by 1000 each round for 4 rounds

credits to Grymm for making the moveset

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Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 10.01.37 AM

Homo Sapiens
HP: 3890
DMG: 2190
SPEED: 109
CRIT: 75

(To opponent: Deal 1x dmg. To self: 25% CHANCE TO DEAL 0.5 DMG)
(on revenge: to opponent deal 3x dmg To self 10% chance of dealing 0.5x dmg, Increase dmg by 75% and increase crit by 25%)

Stone tools
(Self-vulnerable opponents-vulnerable and slow team-increase crit by 25%)
cooldown 0 delay 1

Missile Launch
(All opponents: Increase dmg by 5%, deal 5x dmg)
cooldown 3 delay 3