Create ur own character!

Why we dont have a character create in this game? Race, class, attribute? Create ur own history!? Develop, u have desire to create this oportunite to us? Sorry my english.


As it’s a Gacha style game, that won’t happen.

That would be a nice idea that should’ve been a cornerstone in game dev for a D&D game…


I thought of that immediately. I realize this is a money-grab game (I like DND and I’m trying to fool myself into thinking there is depth in gameplay), but not being able to create and name a character should have been a deal-breaker for WotC. With that said, because of a lack of customization, I’m not overly attached to the game of my characters; therefore, I’ll be able to walk away more easily.

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Character creation is the backbone of Dungeons and Dragons!!!

I also think I could have options for creating your own class … race … and other attributes … as it always was in Dungeons & Dragons

I noticed the game picks heroes that are often far from ideal for the classes a Dragonborn ranger really a Paladin or something would be far better. A ranger is more an elf or dwarf. Halfings make better rogues than dwarves etc. But I do like the gameplay. Took me awhile to figure out how to swap heroes. Be nice if we could train a hero like in the board game in crafts or specialties etc.