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rounds: 3

player level: 40

reward: Epic fighters

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Rounds: 3
Player level: 20
Reward: LP pack

Gracias pero podrían mandar la notufi en español

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Oh no, that would just give out VIP creatures like that. It has to be earnt imo.


Translated from Spanish

Thank you but could you send the newsletter in Spanish

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

Common breakthrough
Rounds 4
No limit to player lvl
Reward prize wheel containing Common creatures not in rotation.

Rare breakthrough
Rounds 4
No limit to player lvl
Reward prize wheel containing Rare creatures not in rotation.

Super rare breakthrough
Rounds 4
Player limit 30
Reward prize wheel containing Super rare land creatures not in rotation

Same for legendary, player limit 50 does NOT include VIP creatures.

Then aquatic breakthrough, player limit 60

And Cenzoic breakthrough, player limit 70


Lvl of players: 50

Reward: vip package with a chance to get yudon.

Just put a L40 Ostaposaurus in CoT, that’s just my ideal event :stuck_out_tongue:

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Event Idea: Brawlasaurs Comeback (title is still in development)

Days available: Saturday

Rounds: 5

Player level required: 50+

Creatures required: No restriction

Opponents: 3. All of them are Brawlasaurs.

Rewards after a round: 100 DNA

Complete Event Rewards: Brawlasaur Legacy Pack

Pack components:
Card 1: DNA
Card 2: Coins/Food
Card 3: Dino Bucks
Card 4: Every creature that had a Brawlasaur counterpart


20 event to get
10 round
a 4 tournament creature pack with a random unlock!!
:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Since we are saying fantasies I say indoraptor pack lvl 55
Rounds 10
Boss indoraptor lvl 40 only 2 creatures on player team
Reward 10k dna 650 lp and chance 1% to get indo but all the other chances are commons dinos

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Late Game Lament
5 rounds
Every opponent has around maxed tourney hybrids
Unlocks via completing CoT and winning at least 1 tourney that month
Rewards a random tourney hybrid, 2k HC, 5 mil food, and 2k LP

title: the battle with horns.

only playable with Ceratopsidae and Pachycephalosaurs.

round 1: tyranotitan lvl 20.

round 2: tyranotitan lvl 30 and tyrannosaurus lvl 20.

round 3: tyranotitan lvl 40 and tyrannosaurus lvl 30 and rajasaurus lvl 20

round 4: tyrannosaurus lvl 40 and rajasaurus lvl 40 and gorgosaurus level 40.

reward slot 1: horned herbivore bundle, 25% einiosaurus, 25% pachyrinosaurus, 25% triceratops gen2, 25% stygimoloch.

reward slot 2: nazutoceratops 100%.

reward slot 3: 250 dollars.

reward slot 4: 3,600 DNA.

here is the package.magicut_1618645665182

and here is the event.

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Woah! We don’t want the game just giving away Yudons like that. It would be just too easy then.

1% chance of yudon.

Even then. The main motto of this game is to progress with patience. A simple event giving out one of the best game creatures, even with little odds, that too from player level 50, is way too over powerful…

ok, is it not too abused for the “battle with the horns” event with a chance to have stygimoloch?

Actually instead of this why don’t we just have land, Cenzoic and Aquatic with a different title.
All land creatures not in rotation in the land one, all not in rotation aquatics in aquatic ones, and all not in rotation cenzoics in cenzoic one!

VIP creatures not included, no unlock, prize wheel is the reward, equal chance no matter the rarity

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What newsletter and why spanish