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Create your own lux creatures

Send me a photo(s) your created lux creatures.

I love her. She makes it so much eaoser to deal with aviary.


?I meant create your own lux creature not choose one and Habros lux is the worst lux choose

why is hadros lux the worst lux to choose?

well it is more of a boss then a lux

but its still a lix isn’t it? a dino with bioluminescence

I do agree they really failed the first one (Parasorolophus lux being a red common), they should make so it’s actually worth a legendary.

To take ParaLux, i’d personally give him 4500HP, 1300ATK, and i’d replace Group Heal with Group Shield, as it will allow him to somewhat stall his rampage.


How about we just send photos of your created lux creatures ok?

Lux here refers to the new line of creatures started with Parasorolophus Lux, aka non-hybrid legendaries that glow purple.
But seeing the disaster that is this creature, i’d like to see them rise the bar on the upcoming Luxes.

And while you do have a point, Hadros Lux is a “fake” lux, being an Apex.


How is it fake? Lux just means light, like how Rex just means king. Hadros Lux glows, which gives off light, and is thus not a fake Lux. If you are saying its not a Lux because it’s a boss, that’s like saying the therizinosaurs aren’t theropods because they are plants. They are 2 separate things.

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This is what I am talking about just create one ok

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this is what i imagine seeing the shadow.


tải xuống whatsup??

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Thank I like them

Who knows if other non hybrid legendaries are even lux creatures?

Soft touch Lux



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sinoceratops lux jwa concept

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