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Create your own Nasutoceratops hybrid and Allo gen 2 hybrid

Figured since those two are extremely likely to drop over the weekened, why dont we brainstorm hybrids for them. And if youd like, you can make a super hybrid out of them and their fan-made hybrids if you wish

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Materials: Pachycephalosaurus and Nasutoceratops

Tier: legendary

Hp: 4500
Attack: 1200
Armor: 25%
Crit Chance: 5%
Speed: 126


Decelerating Impact
Rampage and Run
Greater Stunning Impact

Swap in Stun
Minor Rendering Counter


Nasuchotator (because I really don’t want Sucho to get a hybrid called Suchognathus …)

Materials: Suchotator lvl 15, Nasutoceratops lvl 15
Tier: Legendary

HP 4500
Attack: 1200
Armor: 20%
Crit: 5%
Speed: 117


Greater Stunning Rampage
Nullifying Impact

Minor Rending Counter

Aspect: Imagine a red Suchotator with horns and a fancy frill.

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Rarity: Unique

Material: level 20 allosaurus gen 2 and level 20 ankylocodon

Hp: 4700
Attack: 1650
Speed: 109
Armor: 30%
Crit Chance: 20%

Armor Piercing Strike
Decelerating Impact
Rending Takedown
Defense Shattering Rampage




Nasuto + Dsungaia (Unique)

Hp 3750
Atk 1180
Spd 121
Armor 20%
Crit 5%

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Ferocious Strike
Greater Stunning Rampage

Decelerating Rending Counter (20% Health and Slow 50% for one turn)

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Skoolasaurs + Allo gen 2 (Unique)

Hp 4600
Atk 1350
Spd 111
Armor 15%
Crit 15%

Null Strike
Long Protection
Distracting Rampage
Definite Rampage

Swap in Definite Strike

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Diplovenator + Nasuto (Unique)

Hp 4150
Atk 1010
Spd 114
Armor 10%
Crit 5%

Decelerating Strike
Greater Stunning Rampage
Distracting Impact
Instant Distraction

Rending Counter

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Marsupial Lion + Allosaurus GEN 2 = Allosaurpial Leo
At Level 16
Health: 3019
Attack: 829
Speed: 119
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 30%

Minor Rending Attack
Rending Strike
Rending Takedown
Medium Counter Attack

Navy blue lion with Allosaurus horns and leg spikes (for show)

And his superhybrid…

Allosaurpial Leo + Elasmotherium = Rhinosupial Maximus
At Level 21
Health: 3750
Attack: 948
Speed: 114
Armor: 25%
Critical Chance: 20%

Defensive Stance
Rending Takedown
Definite Rampage
Rending Counter

Dark green rhino with red streaks, claws, and jagged horn.

Nasutoceratops + Scaphognatus
–Decelerating Strike
-Great Stuning Impact

(Suchotator + Allosaurus Gen 2)
Legendary or Unique
“vati” come from the Greek word “krevati”, that means “revenge”

-Superiority Strike
-Letal Wound
-Definite Impact
-Rending Takedown

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Allosaurus Gen 2+Spinoynx


~Shattering Ferocious Strike
~Rending Takedown
~Definite Rampage
~Exploit Wound

4800 HP
1700 Attack
112 Speed
20% Critical
0% Armor

This is the kind upgrade to Spinoynx that I hoped Erlikospyx would’ve been. I know it’s not exactly hopeful to get since Bary2 is arena exclusive, but something along these lines would have a forever home on my team

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Allocartemus: Unique
Allosaurus Gen 2 Lv20 + Carbotoceratops Lv20
HP: 4350 - DMG: 1700 - SPD: 105 - AR: 40% - CRT: 30%

  • Superiority Strike (Toned down due to possibility of RT 60% benefiting from Vuln, Is this true?)
  • Dig-In
  • Rending Takedown
  • Distracting Strike
  • Swap-In Invincibility (unique trait that fits its theme)
  • Immune to Damage Over Time (Passive)

Armed like a bunker with bone breaking jaws; it can use its weight to build momentum toward surprising speeds to tear its prey apart.

Picture something akin to a slightly more slender, but more heavily armored Trykosaurus with Dioraja-esque jaws.

I think the rarity of the materials along with how high of a level they need to be justifies a lot of the stats while remaining balanced among its peers like Tryko.

Nasutoceratops + Diplovenator = Dristerax (unique)

Crit: 5%

-Definite shattering strike (deal 1X dmg)
-Shield impact ( deal 1,5X dmg,create a 50% shield one turn)(cooldown:1)
-Distracting Rampage:
-Counter Horns (Priority:Create a red shield for 1 turn(replace the normal shield if you got one),if an opponent use a defense shattering ability or a rend ability,destroy the red shield and deal 75% mirror dmg) cooldown:3

-Armor piercing counter attack X1
-Swap in dig in (Heal 25%of hp on a swap in,creat a shield for 2 turns,get +10% speed 2 turns)
Immune to Stuns

look like a red swamp monster but the size of monostegotops with horn and teeths

Basically,a gameplay to put in trouble some users of defense shattering abilities by surprising them
Have a good sustain by distracting opponent,can take a shield and when he come in,he use a dig in,to reduce the power of some swap in abilities)

Allosaurus gen 2 (lvl 20) + alankylosaurus (lvl 20)=Alectizual


-Long shield (2 turn shield)
-Ready to run (Priority:get +10% speed 3 turns,increase dmg by 20% next turn,crit by 50% next turn,increase armor by 15% 2 turn,cleanse any slow affection at the end of the turn ) (cooldown:1 turn)
-Slowing strike
-Armor piercing Rampage and run(2X dmg)

Swap in shield(100% shield for 1 turn)
Tasty preys:(Any immunty make him increase his dmg by 0,5X…we consider the base is 0,5
example:indoraptor immune to stun + distraction =2 x 0.5=1+0,5=dmg increase by 1,5
Ardentis is immune to everything:stun + bleed + distraction + swap prevention + slow =5*0.5=2.5+0.5=3 dmg are increase by 3 but we will say the max will be 2
Suchotator have no immunity:so dmg are only 0.5

Look like a Theropods with wings and armor on his back

A gameplay made to counter those big immune sauropods ,can be very efficient aswell with anything which have a full immunity (base dmg X2=3600),he is not very strong vs others creatures (only 0.5 base dmg=800dmg) and can be wipe with ease by chompers

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