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Create your own Snake Hybrid

Create any hybrid you want that involves the newly introduced Titanoboa and its Gen 2 variant. Stats, moves, rarity, and bio description of the hybrid would be appreciated.

i’m good at ideas. not so good at balancing stats and moves.

I don’t want another g1 titanoboa hybrid since it has a legendary and it’s legendary has a unique, but…

(Titanoboa g2 + kelenken)

Shielded decel strike
Raking claws
Precise rampage

123 speed
1250 DMG
10 crit
0 armor
3600 HP

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Speaking of snake hybrids, it’s a bit of a bummer that Spinoconstrictor got Exploit Wound. I mean, Gemini got a better version of Shield Advantage, and that was already a decent move.
I love Wounding Counter, and the rest of Rictor’s kit allows it to beat both Indoraptors, Utasinoraptor, Tenontorex, and probably some other stuff, but it’s unsurprisingly pretty bad against most other creatures (actually I forgot about tanks like Stegod, Alankylo, Tryko and Dio. It might actually do well against those

I suppose you could use the Vulnerability to help Monostego and DC do more damage, or setup the next dino, but I kinda wish it could have been better on its own.

How about this for a non-damaging move:
Envenomate: opponent vulnerable for next 2 turns, all DoT lasts indefinitely.

It would still be useless against Immunes, but paired with Wounding counter it would destroy anything that can’t cleanse. It would encourage the opponent to swap, bringing On Escape Evasive Strike into the picture. It would also work as a setup to swap in Vexus for example.

Or you could just make Vulnerability boost the damage of DoT too. That wouldn’t be as different from existing mechanics. Then it could keep Exploit Wound and do decent damage.

An even less complicated alternative is to just give it a good Distracting Move, or maybe Gashing Wound or a new DoT move with a multiplier.

Who knows, maybe Rictor will be better than I think. But until we find out for sure, is it too much to ask for an endgame bleeder that’s actually useable from introduction?

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If only epic titanoboa wasnt event locked.

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Actually, now that I think about it, Envenomate might be too much.
Making Vulnerability affect DoT would be enough to make creatures with Exploit Wound better, but not so good that they destroy anything that isn’t Immune to DoT.

Boa G² + Ophiicodon
Boacodon (Legendary)
4200 HP
1450 Damage
110 Speed
40% Crit
Shielded Decelerating Strike
Defenite Impact
Armour Piercing Impact
Precise Rampage
On Escape Dust Cloud

Boacodon + Boa G¹
Titanoprime (Unique)
4800 HP
115 Speed
1500 Damage
40% Crit
Decelerating Strike
Precise Rampage
Defense Shattering Rampage
Long Protection
On Escape Rampage