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Creating an end game goal

Hi all

I have been playing JWA for nearly a year now (1st birthday mid Jan) and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

My first end game goal was always to have a complete dinodex. This has almost come to fruition with only Gemini and Monrhino to unlock

Gemini is simply a waiting game for Arambo rewards with enough Diplo in hand to hopefully unlock it

Monorhino after this week will probably just require a lot of sanctuary work to get the required DNA

Once this happens my first goal is complete.

Thoughts have now turned to how to keep my interest in the game post dinodex. The obvious answer would to be just continue levelling my team (below)

I like my team and it works well (most of the time) and has just hit Gyrosphere, but would like to run other dinos (Magna, Spyx, Indo G2, Phorus)

So the question is should I stop levelling my current team and level up all viable uniques and legendary dinos to 1) allow for greater team variety 2) keep my interest in the game

All uniques to work on:


You used the term “viable uniques and legendary”.

People that “follow the meta” are the first to complain.
Ardentamaxima is too powerful. Ludia took away Definite from it’s rampage (yet people say they never listen). Maxima got beat up by Miragaia before the nerf and still does.

I say this because no team will ever always work. Think carefully before committing a lot of coins and Sanctuary timeinto a new team. At the same time don’t be afraid to add a new dino. Especially since coins are easy to come by.

Another end game goal is to consider tournaments. Some of them pass out hard to find dna when you need to fill the dino Dex and you know more hybrids will come. Some coins spent on Tournament only dinos can come in handy. In the current Frost Tournament simple things like a level 20 Ornithomimus and a level 15 Scaph have come in so handy that I got into the top 100 (at least at this moment).

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People complained with Ardent because it was the best indo counter. Now it isn’t and nothing had replaced it. Remove Ardents immunity and there wouldn’t be so many complaints.

Its not that Ludia don’t generally listen (tho its an issue), its that when they change something it often doesn’t fox the problem and creates others.

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Certainly a good idea.

I do like a good tournament but unfortunately ATM don’t have the time to constantly hit the arena and build a healthy trophy count for top 250