Creating Pteraquetzal BUG

After the update I started creating new hybrids. I noticed that Pteraquezal needed lvl 20 Pteranodon and Quetzalcoatlus. I thought that was strange needing LVL 20 for this and guessed it was a new requirement in 1.8 so I used DNA and coins to level up Quetzalcoatlus until I ran out of coins. Later today after a game mini update I noticed you guys fixed this and changed it back to LVL 15 as it should have been.

Great… so what about the DNA and coins I used to LVL up? Can I have those back?


BTW im on android platform level 20 player…

OK I see this was reported in the BUGS sections. And you guys fixed it… So how do I get my coins and DNA back?

I hope they give us dna, coins and get reset quetzal and pteranodon level as it is their mistake

See this thread: Level 20 Requirements for Level 16 Legendary?

This will be interesting to see how it plays out, since Ludia told me they have no way of reimbersing dna. Let’s see how it goes Ludia.

I know I did an accident evolve on my irritator but your answer was that there’s no way to give dna back. Lol will I soon find a lie?

Btw I hope you all get it all back either way.

Email from Ludia support just came this afternoon and it’s good :). I was considering leveling my Tany from L22 to L29 with all the DNA I’ve gathered if I didn’t get that Quetzal and Pteranodon DNA again.

What is their proposed fix?

did they refund things ? i sent an email 3 days ago and haven’t heard anything back yet or might’ve been 2 days ago

yeah they responded to me also yesterday so good news! I am sure you guys will get it soon!


This is what I got today. Is he saying he doesn’t know about the issue I’m talking about?

Hello Frank,

Thank you for waiting!

I’m sorry to hear you have experienced the Hybrid issue. Could you kindly provide us with a screenshot of your Pteranodon and Quetzalcoatlus to help with verification?

I look forward to hearing from you.

What did y’all get back or what was your response

This was the response I got today as well. Sent in my photo. Hoping to get things sorted quickly. When the goof up is theirs, things tend to get handled well and in relatively short order.

They were more than fair, just takes a few days :slightly_smiling_face:

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