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Creating ur own hybrids

It would be cool if we could make our own hybrids and battle with them they u could choose the looks and the evolutions


This would be cool BUT people would probably make over powered hybrids


U got a point but we can fuse the Dino strength Together

Here is some dinosaurs you can create


For the meganeura how many times do i have to tell you the original is called distraction!!

I mean maybe it’s suposed to be like the phoro or the sloth, but i’d give it a counter and a rampage instead then

And ye it problably should be distraction or cunning strike, and should be cunning based on the moveset

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Atleas phorusrhacos has a 2x damage multiplier meganeura only has one which mean it would get rekt by pretty much all dino in the game

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and for guanlong crafty strike is a cunning move so it should be changed to cunning-fierce

More neutral realy, i mean it’s percise, and removes ferocity sure but it also pierces, plus vulnerabulity is resilient but don’t think it’s enough to make it wildcard.more fierce but it does not have enough hp.

And isn’t this a hybrid thread lets get back to hybrids before it gets closed.

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