Creation Lab dirty trick

Was in the lab and had a free speed up for a level 31 legendary. Used it and got a completion which was nice. Before I could place the dino I got a disconnect. Went back in and saw that it didn’t recognize the completion and the free speed up was back. Hit free speed up again and this time the status bar barely moved. More dna to spend and another 8hrs to wait. Not nice.

Hey KenO, I’m sorry to hear that happened while you were trying to create your dino. Could you reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can take a look at your account and try to make it right for you? Thanks!

@KenO - I expect the game doesn’t save information back to the FB server constantly but on some scheduled basis, to not overuse your internet connection. I’ve had similar things happen not just from disconnects, but also if I leave the game open on one device and then open it on another, my last actions will sometimes have disappeared. Certain actions like whatever I just put into the lab or hatchery seem to be particularly likely to disappear on me, but my resource amounts almost never seem to be effected by it.