Creation Lab Retries

Boy, that incubator sure needs some maintenance. It seems to just break down more and more often. I’m trying to level up some of my Legendaries and it literally took me ALL day yesterday just to get one from level 10 to 11. Must have gone through 7 attempts at least. I shudder to think how many the maximum might be when I get up to the level 30’s. Let alone some of these high level hybrids. Anyone keep track of what their most number of retries for one evolution has been?

Also seems like if I use a speedup, even just a free one, it tends to fail more than if I let it run until completion. I don’t have any stats to back this up, just a general sense that the speedups seem to fail more often. Any one else observe this?


I have no statistics only a gut feeling.
My gut says cenezoics need more tries than aquatics need more tries than dinos. Legendaries need more tries than super rares need more tries than…
The rest happens by accident and I think my subjective impression depends on the mood I am in.
I don’t think that speed ups have any impact.
I can’t remember that I ever had to endure seven tries, at least I never counted them.

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I’ve had a Pteranodon take 3 tries for a level 10 to 11 as my shortest legendary and a dimetrodon took 6-7 the other day for the same level i’ve even had a super rare take 4-5 tries just to go to 21.
I think it just comes down to luck or maybe there’s a set sequence when you first create the dino’s only Ludia will know

As for speedups maybe you can test with airplane mode on your phone if the game allows this ofc.

Definitely the Legendaries seem to be the worst (haven’t done enough higher level hybrids to see how they compare). Usually it seems like the higher the level you go, the more tries it seems to take, so I was definitely surprised by how many attempts it took me yesterday for that level 10 to get done… was at least 6 and probably 7. That seems to be around the max that I have seen so far. But I seem to be seeing more often even leveling up a common fail fairly often.

Not sure what using speedups with airplane mode would do??

I had seen someone else mention on this forum some time ago that they felt using speedups resulted in a higher chance of it failing, which if the intent of the failures is getting players to use more DBs, it would actually make sense,

Airplane mode allows you to play the game without being connected to the net for a short time (IoS is more likely to allow this than androids) basically if its allowed you could speedup an incubation to see the result if it fails you can wait till it finishes normally and see if you get the same failed result.

On a side note has the 2nd incubation chamber become more expensive i swear before the update it cost 100DB and now its 200

While there were three chambers, the second one dropped down to 100db. As long as I’ve played (9 months) the 2nd chamber has been 200db except during special promotions


Ah, interesting idea. I of course know what airplane mode does, just wasn’t sure how it could be used to answer this question.