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Creation Of The 1.12 Hybrids

Unless I am mistaken or there is a typo in the release notes, these should be the Dinosaur/Creature levels they need to be to evolve.

What does everyone think of these new hybrids and will you be able to create Megalogaia & Entelomoth?

Epic Hybrid
Megalogaia = Miragaia (10) + Megaloceros (10)

Legendary Hybrid
Entelomoth = Entelodon (15) + Woolly Mammoth (15)

Legendary Hybrid
Dilophoboa = Titanoboa (15) + Dilophosaurus Gen 2 (15)

Unique Hybrid
Spinoconstrictor = Spinosaurus (20) + Dilophoboa (20)


i could create megalogaia.
don’t have enough of either for entelomoth.
and you bet your behind i’m going for the snakes. lv 19 spino right now. working on getting dna saved.
(if i had know this was gonna be a thing, i would gathered dna from the rares this week.)

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Finally, I can waste my Spinosaurus DNA on something


yeah they snuck that Rare Spinosaurus out this week but didn’t mention it until the last day hahaha.

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i’m disappointed we did not get Silhouettes of these hybrids like we ALWAYS do. Heck that’s part of the fun.


with the migration, maybe i’ll see more of them.
hopefully the snakes aren’t exclusive and are out in a local.

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I hate Megalogaia is more an average epic and I prefer a unique between Dsungaia and the Deer

Dilophoboa is not crazy but looks interesting but weird, I mean he has a counter who can swap prevented the target but you can’t use the escape on move except if the target is immune

I love Entelomoth I wanted so much a hybrid from the pig, this guy is very strong maybe too much

The Spinoconstrictor looks fun with the evasive abilities + wounding counter but the stats are bad specially for health only 3600 HP stat, Titanoboa has 4500 HP stat sad he doesn’t deserve the Titanoboa’s HP, he’s even a bit useless against immune but I think he’s decent against them with Sidestep + counter attack, Spinoboa is more a funny unique to use and I like it

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Got close but ran out of coin also I now super regret not going for spino during the rare event


I will be able to insta-unlock Megalogaia

I’ve got Entelodon to lvl 15 and have enough to do 9 fuses and I got enough for 6 fuses with Mammoth.


Just need coins :sweat_smile::rofl:

Also anyone want miragina like anyone

The deer I think is gonna take a while to grind

As for mammoth I think I’m good

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mine are all at the levels they need to be. i’m wondering if i have have enough luck to get the Mammoth hybrid.

i took the other mammoth hybrid to level 20 and it has 670 dna or so for a unique. leaves me a little short on the mammoth. everything else should be good.

i hope these snakes are exclusive or something stupid which i’m sure they will be.

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I Just need the update & Titanoboa


I can make them all except the snakes, because that depends on Titanoboa’s obtainability. Also I’m still short on dilog2 and spinog1 for the unique


Goody goody I can create Megalogaia

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I can create all of them except the snakes… I really hope they won’t be more exclusive bs.


other than snakes are cool. I like spinoconstrictor’s kit. Just what i need for my thyla replacement.

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I can create Megalogaia, but I don’t have enough Mammoth for Entelomoth.

Sadly it seem like my only option

He will suck…look at the stats and ability…
Bleed?who need bleed when you can be immune?
Barely an average damage,not so good health.
That thing is a monolorhino 2.0 and in the best case,will finish high apex.

I mean looking at the only thing is the counter doesn’t seem to do damage just add the effect