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Creature Buff and Nerf Requests

Simply say a creature for me to nerf/buff and I will nerf/buff it.

Only one rule, don’t request something if it has already been requested.

Dilorach buff.


I like that, it would actually be worth making.

I like it, finally be able to use it in pvp.
Desperately needs a buff atm.
Like the change

Maybe try a buff for Magnapyritor? I feel like she could use a buff to become more viable in the current meta.

Not much I could buff, but a pretty big buff nonetheless.

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testa needs a huge buff, it just dies too easily

Despite the amount of sarcasm presented in this request, I did it anyway.

id buff its damage to 1500 so it can heal more and kill fierce more easily. maybe give it revenge devastation as well so it can hit 3x on turn 1
ah also on escape constricting rampage so it can both hit 2x and heal
give it higher crit chance as well? it deserves a lot more than 5%

I’m not trying to make a god tier broken creature, try asking in a different topic.

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Nerf either hadros or ceramagnus


Looks great! And yeah, I do agree that Magna would just need a small health/damage buff to become worthwhile in the endgame meta.

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Buffed Carno and its non-scorpius hybrids