Creature Buffing Thread!

Are your favorite creatures one of the weakest in their category or just in general? Are you annoyed at the fact that some weaker creatures in a certain rarity ironically cost more than stronger creatures of the same rarity and class of the more expensive creature? Have you ever wished that they would get a buff? If so, visit this topic, where you post a creature that you want buffed their buffed stats! Here are my personal examples:

Bonitasaura cost more DNA than Triceratops, but the former is completely weaker than the latter. Let’s fix that!
HP: 48 - 263 → 54 - 300
ATK: 12 - 67
Ferocity: 86.4 - 477.4 → 92.4 - 514.4
Coins: 90 - 28,570/15H
Rarity: Common

The same thing happens with the diplodocus, costing more DNA than corythosaurus despite the sauropod being completely weaker than the crested hardosaur, so it’s getting a buff as well!
HP 95 - 527 → 144 - 800
ATK: 24 - 135
Ferocity: 171.8 - 959 → 220.8 - 1,232
Coins: 117 - 37,440/4H
Rarity: Rare

Feel free to post creatures that you think deserve to get a buff here!

This is my response from the “Buff Glynthorax thread, and I think it applies here:

I think every dino has a place in this game. Some are weaker than others, some hybrids have stats that don’t equate to the strength of their bases. Both are okay. Every dino has their place on the totem pole and it gives this game variety. The dinos with similar stats are often not appreciated.