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Creature buffs/nerfs/overall changes and new creatures I want in 1.12 or other future updates/patches

Creature Buffs:

Indominus Rex - Increase speed to either 110 or 111. gains 15% armour. armour piercing strike becomes defense shattering strike, armour piercing impact becomes distracting impact, armour piercing rampage becomes presice armour piercing rampage.

Indoraptor - Increase speed to 129. gains swap in ferocity. defense shattering rampage becomes presice pounce, cleansing impact becomes defense shattering impact. gains 10% armour. increase attack/damage to 1470

Erlidominus - Rampage becomes presice rampage, strike and run becomes impact and run. gains 10% armour.

Velociraptor - Increase health to 2100. Pounce becomes precise pounce, strike becomes distraction. gains swap in distraction. gains immunity to stuns and immunity distraction.

Utahraptor - Increase speed to 130. gains swap in wound .

Pyroraptor - Increase speed to 131. gains swap in dodge.

Charlie - Increase speed to 130. increase health to 2300

Echo - Increase speed to 130.

Sarcosuchus - Increase health to 4200, increase attack/damage to 1300. lethal wound becomes defense shattering rampage.

Sarcorixis - armour piercing strike becomes defense shattering strike.

Diloraceirus - Gains immunity to stuns.

Diorajasaur - Ferocious strike becomes fercious impact. increase attack/damage to 1100

Tuoramoloch - Increase ttack/damage to 1200. gains swap in stun.

Erlikospyx - Increase health to 3300.

Grypolyth - Increase attack/damage to 1200

Monostegotops - Dig in becomes nullifying impact, increase health to 4350, increase attack/damage to 1330. swap in stunning strike becomes swap in stun.

Megalosuchus - Increase speed to 118, increase attack/damage to 1100. short defense becomes long protection.

Ankylosaurus - Increase armour to 40%.

Ankylosaurus Gen 2 - Increase armour to 40%.

Stegodeus - Increase attack/damage to 1350.

Tragodistis - Increase attack/damage to 1350, increase health to 4100.

Tenontorex - Gains immunity to stuns, defense shattering impact becomes greater stunning impact.

Spinotahraptor - Increase health to 3400.

Spinonyx - Increase attack/damage to 1350.

Skoolasaurus - Increase attack/damage to 1270.

Rajakylosaurus - Increase attack/damage to 1160.

Koolabourgiania - Distracting strike becomes distracting impact.

Monomimus - Increase speed to either 130 or 131, increase attack/damage to 1340, increase health to 3250

Utahrinex - Decelerating strike becomes superiority strike

Gigaspikasaur - Increase attack/damage to 1050

Majundasuchus - Increase attack/damage to 1000, increase health to 3500, increase speed to 114. swap in ferocity becomes swap in ready to crush (increase attack/damage by 50% and critical hit chance by 30% for 3 turns, cannot swap for 2 turns)

Stygidaryx - Increase attack/damage to 1350, increase speed to either 129 or 130. cleanse and swoop becomes defense shattering impact (from darwezopteryx), swap in invincibility becomes swap in headbutt (i guess that could make it a bit more relevant, as it could then swap in and both deal direct damage to opponent ceeature, and also have a fairly good chance at stunning it aswell)


Dracoceratops - Swap in rampage becomes swap in self damage (7000 damage to self on swap in, because almost everyone hates it).

Procerathomimus - Decrease speed to either 130 or 129, decrease attack/damage to 1420, decrease health to 3250.

Ardentismaxima - Decrease health to 5400.

Geminititan - Immunity becomes immunity to stuns, immunity to swap prevention and immunity to distraction. decrease health to 5800. long protection becomes shield advantage, gains swap in defense.

Indoraptor Gen 2 - Cautios strike can no longer cleanse. decrease attack/damage to 1450.

Thoradolosaurus - Instant charge becomes greater stunning impact. decrease speed to 107.

Utahsinoraptor - Decrease attack/damage to 1450.

Allosinosaurus - Decrease health to 4350.

Miragaia - Decrease attack/damage to 1100.

Apatosaurus - Decrease health to 5800.

Trykosaurus - Decrease speed to 106.

Overall changes
Indominus Rex and Indominus Rex Gen 2 - Gets more more movie accurate designs/models, aswell as more movie accurate sounding roars and other noises heard in the movie, maybe even get some of their very own unique animations. Edit: Change the “13 feet tall” BS in the Indominus Rex’ “about this creature” text thing to 20 feet tall, like it should say, because Indominus Rex is 6 meters (20 feet) tall when full grown, NOT just a puny 3,9 meters (13 feet)! and don’t come to me with some BS like “mAYbE thEy’RE jUSt uSiNG tHE hIGhT oF ThE onE iN tHe mOViE!1!!1!” because why the hell would they use the hight of the Indominus Rex from the movie, but then use the lenght of a full grown adult Indominus Rex?! that doesn’t make any sense at all! and besides, I am pretty diddily damn sure even the one in the movie was more like 5 to 5,5 if not even 5,75 to 5.8 meters (16,5 to about 18 or 18.1, if not even 18.8 to 19 feet) tall, considering even though it was not full grown yet, I’d say it was still fairly close, and i am also pretty sure the one from the movie was also atleast a tiny slight bit taller than rexy, or at the very least AS tall, and rexy is like 4,8 to 5.5 meters (16 to 18 feet) tall, meaning that even IF ludia were going with the hight of the Indominus Rex from the movie, they still got it wrong by atleast 3,5 to 6 feet. but then again, why the hell would they use the hight of the one in the movie, but then use the lenght of a full grown adult one?! and this is something that have bothered me pretty ever since i got the game back in like early to mid june or something 2018, so I would definitely LOVE it if ludia changed the “13 feet tall” BS to 20 feet tall (again, like it SHOULD say) in the Indominus Rex’s “about this creature” text thing.

Spinosaurus and Spinosaurus Gen 2 - Gets more moive accurate designs/models and more movie accurate sounding roars.

Purrolyth - Gets a new design/model more similar to Purrutaurs’ (atleast when it comes to its feet).

Carbotoceratops - Just give itbsome horns, and maybe even a neck crest/shield/whatever you call it

New creatures/hybrids/super hybrids:
Stegodominus Rex/Godzilladominus Rex/Indominuzilla/Gojiradominus Rex/Gojidominus Rex:
Ingredients/parents - Indominus Rex (or Indominus Rex Gen 2) + Stegosaurus Gen 2
Rarity - Unique
Health - 4650
Attack/damage - 1650
Speed - 113
Armour - 25%
Critical hir chance - 20%
Moves- Defense shattering strike, Shielding distraction (deal x1 damage, distract opponents attack/damage by 50% for 2 turns, gain 50% shield for 2 turns, 2 turns cooldown), Precise armour piercing rampage, Cloak.
Alternative move set - Defense shattering strike, Shielding distraction, Precise Defense shattering rampage, Thagomizer.
Swap in ability - Swap in slow.
Passive ability - Immunity

Erlidominus Gen 2:
Ingredients/parents - Indominus Rex Gen 2 + Erlikosaurus Gen 2
Rarity - Legendary
Health - 3300
Attack/damage - 1550
Speed - 130
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves- Minimal speedup strike, Rampage, Debilitating distraction, Cloak
Swap in ability - Swap in wound
Passive abilities - Immunity

“The Big One” (Velociraptor from JP1)
Rarity - either Legendary or Epic
Health - 3330
Attack/damage - 1550
Speed - either 131 or maybe even 132
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 30%
Moves - Cautious strike, Precise pounce, Lethal wound (maybe even Distracting impact)
Swap in Abilities - Swap in wound, Swap in dodge
Passive abilities - Immunity, x0.5 counter attack

Stegosaurus Gen 2:
Rarity - Epic
Health - 4600
Attack/damage - 1350
Speed - 119
Armour - 25%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves - Superiority strike, Thagomizer, Shielding distraction
Swap in ability - Swap in slow
Passive ability - Immunity to DoT, immunity to deceleration

Rarity - Epic
Health - 3900
Attack/damage - 1750
Speed - 118
Armour - 15%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves - Minor rending attack, Defense shattering impact, Lockdown Rampage (deal x2 damage, target cannot swap for 2 turns)
Swap in ability - Swap in lockdown (target cannot swap for 2 turns, cannot swap for 1 turn)
Passive abilities - Immunity to stuns

Rarity - Epic
Health - 3330
Attack/damage - 1500
Speed - 130
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 30%
Moves - Minimal speedup strike, Rampage, Lethal wound
Swap in ability - Swap in wound
Passive abilities - Immunity to deceleration

Rarity - Epic
Health - 4400
Attack/damage - 1450
Speed - 105
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 10%
Moves - Armour piercing strike, Lethal wound, Rending takedown
Swap in ability - None
Passive ability - None

Rarity - Rare
Health - 3900
Attack/damage - 1100
Speed - 107
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 5%
Moves - Minor rending attack, Long protection, Ferocious Strike
Swap in ability - Swap in ready to crush
Passive ability - x1 precise counter attack, immunity to DoT.

Rarity - Rare
Health - 3600
Attack/damage - 1050
Speed - 106
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 5%
Moves - Superior vulnerability, Shielding distraction, Rending attack
Swap in ability - None
Passive abilities - Rending counter

Rarity - Common
Health - 3750
Attack/damage - 1200
Speed - 105
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance 5%
Moves - Minor rending attack, Shielding distraction
Swap in ability - Swap in wound
Passive abilities - Rending counter

Rarity - Common
Health - 3650
Attack/damage - 1150
Speed - 108
Armour - 0%
Critical hit chance - 20%
Moves - Nullifying strike, Long protection
Swap in ability - Swap in shield
Passive abilities - Immunity, x1 armour piercing counter attack.


OK, can I just ask why Utah must have a swap in move?


i am so sorry for this huge wall of text… oh wait, i’m not, because i’m EVIL! Mwuahahahahaha! tenor


idk, just felt like it :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the only nerf that matters, this and I guess the rat duo.

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add that to quetzorion too

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why? it’s not THAT annoying and OP, is it?
i don’t know as i rarely ever get to fight it…

I’m seeing it a bit more often in aviary, and it’s hard to defeat

i usually just fight the same boring old trykos, thordors and rats, aswell as erlidominus and the indoraptor duo…

Fiskmasen, please get a job at Ludia and make this happen!

Thank you :grinning:

sadly enough i am too lazy for that, sorry :sweat:

basically the only few times i see quetzorion nowadays is after my last creature has been killed by a hit and run move…

Liking whats going on here. only complaint is the instant distraction. I liked creatures like puru and carnotarkus with it. Was a decent combo. As for the tryko and dio tripple counter tactic, i love it. And it doesn’t really work on their counters. But thats just me.
Overall. Loving the suggestions.

it kind of does, considering if your creature is not immune (or atleast not immune to distraction), and does not have any cleansing move or priority/swap in damaging moves or ferocity moves, that makes it 3 turns in a row (which would only be 2, with my nerf for ID) where you deal next to no damage to them at all, while they deal quite alot of damage with their counter attacks, which is why i hate that spam combo “tactic” so much.

Spyx? or any bleeding creature? Typically how i deal with those.
I use that tripple counter tactic to deal with utasinos. I hate those little buggers.

my spyx is still only level 21, unboosted, and basically just a rat bait so far, so can’t really use it atm :confused: and i have stopped leveling up my suchotaotor as i am planning on replacing it with either indominus rex gen 2 or indoraptor gen 2 as soon as i level them up like 2 more times

I will beg to differ on that point, but we may be in different arenas facing different spreads of teams. If not spyx, may i recommend thyla? it has the bulk that spyx lacks and is a bit more versatile. It’s not held down by shields and its crit rate is the same as thor. combine that with rending takedown and DP, its a force to be reckoned with. She needs speed, but other than that thlya is pretty good.

well then i need to level it up quite a bit, as mine is still only level 14… :sweat_smile: thabks for the tips though :smiley:

actually, just removed the ID nerf from the list, because thinking twice now, when my dream team is finished most of it will have either full immunity or immunity to distraction anyways :sweat_smile::laughing:

Stopped reading at Meg and Monostego.
I’m on board :ok_hand:t2:

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