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Creature Changes that will weaken the swapper meta Pt 1

Before 2.9 arrived, there was a situation that many players coplained about, the swapper meta which is still prevalent, you should know how it used to be: the typical players with boosted Dracoceratops (and more recently Dracoceratosaurus too), people with their Ceramagnus with over 2000 damage, and the same goes for Woolly Rhino users in tourneys mostly advantage ones, where they can use their boosted rhinos and deal some big swap in damage.

Well, that was before 2.9, remember, when resilients moves used to decelerate, then, after 2.9 it´s almost the same scenario, just the change is the trade of applying vulnerability instead of decelerating, what does this change?, well, almost nothing but the fact that if pre-2.9 you were getting a potentially lethal swap-in damage, now that damage gets boosted with vulnerability, doing a even more possibly lethal swap-in damage, the meta is literally this now:

  • Player 1: starts with a creature
  • Player 2: starts with a creature with resilient strike
  • Player 2: hits because it´s creature is faster and uses resilient strike
  • Player 1: uses a move of it´s creature
  • Player 2: Swaps to it´s (insert swap-in damage creature)

And it repeats, even if player 2´s creature was slower, it would still apply vuln, then swap out for another creature with a swap-in damage move.

So, the point of this posts series’ is to make the necessary changes that imo would end this situation, buffs, nerfs, moveset changes, new moves and maybe even more, so let´s straight up start.

In this part i will propose a new “On Escape” move, that in-game creatures will get, as in-game creatures that will get already existing moves of this kind:

  • On Escape Inmobilize

Target Escapee: Unable To Swap for 1 turn, 100% chance to stun for 1 turn. When the opponent tries to swap out.

Creatures getting it: Sarcosuchus, Purussaurus GEN2, Purussaurus, Gryposuchus, Purutaurus, Purrolyth, Grylenken, Grypolyth (Not that sure about this one to be honest) and Sarcorixis (Not that sure about this one too).

  • On Escape Minor Heal
    Target Self: Cleanse All Negative Effects. Heal x1. When the opponent tries swaps out.

This one isn´t new, i know, but is just because more creatures are getting it, which are: Archaeotherium, Entelodon, Keratoporcus, Inostherium, Entelochops and Entelolania.
Just Pigs and their hybrids, all veterans know that pigs used to have this On Escape, just giving it back to them.

  • On Escape Evasive Strike
    Target Self: 75.0% chance to Dodge By 66.7% for 1 turn(s), 1 attack(s).
    Target Escapee: Attack x1, when the opponent tries to swap out.

In this case it happens the same with OEMH, just more creatures getting it: Argentavis, Haast’s Eagle GEN2, Haast’s Eagle, Poukaidei and Poukandactylus.

  • No Escape

Target Escapee: Unable To Swap for 1 turn(s). When the opponent tries to swap out.

More creatures getting it: Darwinopterus, Darwezopteryx, Pterovexus, Dimorphodon, Spinotahraptor, Suchotator and Thylacotator.

That´s all for now, i´m open to recieve all kind of Constructive feedback and oppinions, thanks for reading :+1: !


Great idea, the meta needs more of that and It would be much more fun as well.
Other on escape moves could be:
-On escape ferocity
-On escape ready to crush
-On escape ferocious strike
-On escape Adrenaline surge
-On escape shields
-On escape invincibility
-On escape dig in
-On escape long dodge
-On escape prowl
-On escape esvasive impact/rampage
-On escape fierce/defense shattering strike/impact/rampage


i literally thought on many of those, but i will keep them for later, this is the first post though, thanks for the feedback :+1: !


Also make it so that chompers and tanks don’t have swap prevention resistance or immunity. There’s no “chomp and swap” if you can’t swap, right?


True, cunnings should be the ones with that immunity since they are more frail. Tho i would extend that to cunning fierce and cunning resilient and some wildcards ( even If just a resistance).


that´s the next step, tweaks in the swap prevention resistance, thanks for the feedback :+1:


that´s literally the point of it, swap prevention itself in moves like pinning strike or binding impact as no escape is fierce, so swap prevention resistance is the way for cunnings to counter that, and hence, countering fierces.

and that´s also why i hate pure resiliets being swap prevention inmune cough cough edmontoguanodon couugh cough, the same goes for Bleed resistant resilients cough cough bajatonodon cough cough


I didn’t even remember those 2 having that resistance lol, It would make a bit of sense If they still had regenerate and run and stunning moves, could be an exception. To me the biggest offenders are Max, Gemini, mammolania, they have a resistance that allows them to escape a counter, in this case grypo. I don’t think that should be happening.


Mammolania, Testacornibus, Ardentismaxima, and Geminititan are probably the biggest offenders for this.


You do be spitting facts, Based af


Ikr, even brachi resists swap prevention and it´s like “you aren´t suposed to be like that”

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Testa stands out because It also has a completely unnecessary move to cleanse bleed. Countering fierce once again. It should have just got superiority impact. It can already cleanse It with dig in, which i don’t think is a problem since it’s not a damaging move, but they went and just gave It an impact version of the old superiority strike that cleansed everything. I mean, there was a reason that move was broken on tanky creatures(we all remember stegod meta) :roll_eyes:


Yeah Testa was never broken before, but it was underestimated and therefore underused. I could have seen 2.8 Testa getting some small buffs, but not as much as it did, and it also has some stuff it shouldn’t (like swap prevention immunity and a the full cleanse).


Anti-Swap meta creatures I’ve just had lying around.



I actually loved that they gave It that healing counter, wouldn’t remove that, It fits testa and i think It needed a small buff. But the other stat buffs and the new move was just overkill.


Lucky I created just the creature with this ability not to long ago lol :joy:. Here it is.

I hope you like it and tell me what do you think of it.?


it´s beautiful, and literally wildcard imo, i would just whipe out the rend resistance, besides that is pretty good


Thanks. How is it more wildcard than cunning? it has a lot of cunning attributes than wildcard attributes the only thing that tips me off to it being a bit wildcard is it’s resistances but that’s it lol. And yeah looking at the rend resistance it’s kinda not needed so I’ll probably get rid of it.

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I do like that too, it’s very fresh (of a tad annoying to fight), but it didn’t need the other buffs in that case. Might even be worthy of some nerfs.


I like It, it’d probably look really cool as a raptor model with a sail. Good kit, only definite strike seems a bit out of place, fierce or defense shattering strike would make more sense. I think resistances are fine except for deceleration, since It seems mostly cunning, It would be more balanced If It didn’t have that one. But all in all great creature, the on escape evasive impact fits well