Creature Concept Competition

How did I not see this :expressionless: :rofl:

The winner is Spinocaulus and Pachyspinus!Congrats @RaptorJay06!

Now u can submit rare hybrids

So here’s my submissions

Can they use custom creatures?

10 chars


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Here are my 3
Screenshot 2022-06-10 11.34.05
Screenshot 2022-06-10 11.41.27
Screenshot 2022-06-10 11.46.14

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Tarbosrachos and Apatolophous is my favorites from others that submitted creatures

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I decided to lower the voting day

I mean can I just join?

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Yes u can

Tarbotherium is my fav from the creatures u submitted

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I might just change (pretend) GSI to GDSI because it has a longer cooldown and that balances it a bit more

they’re all meh but here i give you my three

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english 105
english 131
english 52

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Voting is going to start tomorrow

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@EpicThoradolosaur983 when does voting start? because it has been 3days

I put u in charge for the voting

why would you put me in charge

Cuz am making a Erlidom rework