Creature Concept Competition

Fine I’ll make the poll later

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  • Dimetromoloch
  • Einiobosaurus
  • Majungacaulus
  • Amphisuchus
  • Deinoceratops
  • Aerolambia
  • Apatolophus
  • Archaeonychus
  • Tarbosrhacos
  • Diplocolagreus
  • Paraguanodon
  • Tarbotherium
  • Glyptometrodon
  • Amphilophosaurus
  • Majungatherium
  • Majungatator
  • Popolaur
  • Oculusauravus

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The winner is deinoceratops!congrats again @RaptorJay06

Next Competition is Unique + Non Hybrids!

Max submissions is 2 and voting starts in June 26

My own Submissions

Also they can include custom Ingredients

Alright: Its one unique hybrid/superhybrid fused with one actual dinosaur. Here are my entries for, what is this the third competition?

Screenshot 2022-06-21 6.40.47 PM
Screenshot 2022-06-21 6.57.34 PM
really the FDR on tenonyx is supposed to look like fierce rampage with a little distraction icon

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This third competition is to fuse a random unique with a Non-Hybrid

Sorry if i forgot the is the poll

  • Ankylodolasaur
  • Indokyloraptor
  • Antropyritor
  • Tenonyx

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Congrats to me

I have changed the is rexy hybrids meaning they’re made out of Rexy.max amount of submissions is 3

My own ones
download - 2022-07-23T190402.348
download - 2022-07-23T185459.224
download - 2022-07-23T184913.826