Creature Customization

The name says a lot of it. I know there a far far more pressing issues but if Ludia wasted time adding new toxic emotes, they can waste time adding creature customizations. For as much as I like tryko or gem, their colors are horrible, so can we have a way to change their skins? It would add more variety, you could make them buyable with coins or a new special resource. It would also be nice to nickname a creature so that we can call say “DiePathericYoshi!” instead of their boring old names. I mean this can be moderated so we don’t have super toxic names out there, but it would be nice to have


I dunno about names but skins have potential to be really cool. They already have an equivalent of those with evolutions in JWTG, and judging by how quickly they pump out new creatures there, making those skins isn’t the hardest thing in the world.


I would love skins! I think it would be a awesome way to prolong the end-game with adding new collectible skins for each creature. Honestly I might even spend real money on it if it’s a great deal.


YOU might but i cant
If u r out there
only make one buyable skin: VIP
all others HAVE TO BE FREE
hey that rhymes!

No I don’t want them to be exclusive to buying skins. That would be mean. I was just saying if they had a deal to buy 5 skins for $5 I would consider doing that.

Each dino should have 2 color “zones”, primary and highlight. You should receive colors as rewards for some events or milestones as well as have some purchasable but the should be exhausted when used and you can revert but you lose that “dose” of the color.

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Honestly I have thought into cosmetic changes too. It would be cool. I had even went a little further into thought of it and heres what i came up with…

This could also help give variety to all the hybrids in the game as well as change them cosmetically!

So here it goes.Remember this is just an idea and I am completely open for tweaks and ideas!

Mutations!!! Basically every time you infuse a hybrid you have a chance of getting a certain amount of mutated dna along with your regular rng dna from infuse. Basically this would create subclasses for all of the hybrids. Giving them a different color scheme and 1 alternate attack that replaces one of their original attacks from their moveset. giving them more viability in both raids and arenas!


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It would kind of be the equivalent to shiny’s in pokemon go since they would be more rare and different color. only difference is that you get to make the creature instead of hoping to encounter it in the wild

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kinda like mutations in ark in a way? like it can give cool colors and it can buff some creatures I like that idea


As long as they are cosmetic only, I’m then with it. I personally don’t care about nicknames, but I think an option to not see them would be nice


Yeah cosmetics sound dope then people wouldn’t have all the same looking creatures like you could edit the skin pigment genes instead of like fusing them to get more DNA

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Maybe a new lab
Pigments anyone?
How it would work:
Open new tab (ik u dont like the emotes tab so Pigments (including seeing them in battle) can be turned off)
See all Pigments

Then do to dino roster
click on dino
click the blue “customize” button
Click the pigment you want
preview it
select done
(depending on the skin, it might take time to infuse [can be speeded up with coins])
Once you equip a skin, you can take it off for free and the next time you want to equip it, there will be no infusion process FOR THAT SKIN


That’s a really great concept

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