Creature Escape - Update Increase


Yes I know there are plenty of similar topics out there. But since the update I have a 8 out 10 that escape as to prior to update is was every 2/10. That is quite the increase for no good reason, since my darting remained exactly the same!

Do you folks have as high numbers as I or am I get that delicate extra shafted for free?


I’ve noticed this too. I’ve even had a velociraptor escaped on me… a velociraptor :flushed:


Ouch! That thing is so slow I am amazed it found ots way out haha


Okay so what the actual hell,
I mean seriously when did this start to happen I had like 3 seconds left and I’m about to make my last shot maybe two, and I get
“it escaped”!!!
And why is this a ligitimate idea for an update.
I mean our own crappy aim isn’t enough to get In Our way, so they have to come with another idea to make the more difficult for non vip players
What’s tha deal on this Ludia?
Who came up with idea the same idiot that invented micro transactions
Now my rant is done
Someone else may have the floor


I completely agree that the whole creatures escaped thing is total bs. Some of these dinosaurs are hard enough to find in the first place and than only to have them escape on us is a ripoff. Out of my 5 attempts that I made on the Alanqa this past weekend at least 3 of them escaped. Dinosaurs should not be allowed to escape at all.


Yes, I’ve noticed that creatures escaped A LOT more often since the update. Alanqa is especially notorious for escaping but this isn’t just limited to Alanqa. I’ve had the same thing happening with Commons as well, not cool. It kind of defeats the point of extended battery life :disappointed:


Yeah, it’s bad now. Not sure if they reduced the distance to the fence or just changed the dino course change routine. I had a regular ol’ raptor run straight without a twitch in direction and get away with 2 seconds left, and I hit it with 11 straight direct hits.


I’ve noticed that it’s easier for a flyer to escape they seem to have a smaller enclosure haven’t noticed a change with land Dino’s though but if there is that’s ridiculous!!!


I have also noticed this since the bird update, I am not sure why. The only thing this can do is affect spoofers, but it also ruins it for us.


It just happened that ALL my 6 attempts on Alanqa were shortened by them escaping.


I just had an Apatosaurus and Deinocheirus escaped on me in the last ten minutes. And then earlier a TRex escaped while I still have half battery left. This is getting a bit much. The escape isn’t just Alanqa, feels like everything escaped much sooner ever since the update :sob: