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Creature Escaped Barrier


So I’ve had every one of these epic flyers “escape” by hitting the barrier after only 3-4 shots, I’ve never seen it happen so much, even commons are escaping before the timer goes out, just another glitch that came with the update. Hope we can get some compensation like a incubator “cough cough”


The new flyers are just larger and a bit harder to dart.


i feel like i’m seeing it in non-flyers now as well. has the update changed the behavior wherein dinos change direction upon bullseye? that used to turn them away from the barrier previously.


Previous it happened once in a while, rare occurrence I may say.

However, with all the newly introduced pterosaurs, easily 80% of the time, they are headed for the barrier and escaped.

For the current event, for my last 2 attempts, Alanqa escaped when the timer left about 3 secs or so. Very frustrating! :roll_eyes:


I’ve been noticing a lot of escapes now. It appears to me that even with small dinos like raptors the darting area has shrunk. Even when I get a direct hit it doesn’t seem to turn them anymore.


The curtain has been something of an annoyance, imo, since introduced, but never a huge deal to me. Usually if something escapes, it does so with 3 seconds or less remaining on the drone battery, so always been thankful for not too much of a loss. Even the fliers so far for me for the most part.

But…Alanqa…I don’t know if he’s programmed to run straight for the curtain or what. Every one of the epic attempts I had for the Alanqa as a featured dino this week, it was torture trying to get DNA. At least two or three of the attempts he’d fly through the curtain almost straight from the start leaving half or more of the drone battery left. And that’d be with multiple direct hits (which I’ve always noticed before seems to turn a dino). Pretty frustrating =\


Same issue with Alanqa as well, kind of defeats the purpose of extended battery life :disappointed:


The barrier is still there !!! Had one of the epic flyers jet straight for it during the recent event … didn’t reach it but the graphic appeared … must be a serious distance out …